Sometimes things happen in your life that mean that other things are possible. Totally unexpected things, but nice. Continue reading

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Floaty boaty

Another long weekend, Pentecost. I made it a little longer as SO had decided to take the week between Assumption and Pentecost off in a spur of the moment need for relaxation. I could not due to work commitments, but I could and did take the Friday off. Continue reading

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Just too late for winter

My knitting has had an hap hazard start since I took it up again. I had to learn that I have a loose knit and that it is paramount to check the gauge. Not doing that has resulted in something I call ‘ Once the wool twice the fun” and a few sweaters being taken apart and knitted again. Continue reading

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Rose pink

For a long time I have wanted to take my sewing to a next level. The issue always what what is the next level. Enough ideas on what that could be, but it always came back to making a standard pattern more personalised. So in the end that is what I did. Continue reading

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Skirting the issue

So after a skirt from left over fabric and a dress it was time for tow other skirts. Continue reading

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Left over fabrics

Sewing is a a great hobby. The one thing that does happen is that when you go shopping for fabrics it is hard to know how much needed. Continue reading

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More fun tops

During autumn I notied that I had a lot of short sleeved tops. A good number of seaters, but not much of those in between tops. So I had work to do. Continue reading

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Groningen – a weekend to remember

After our winter dreams adventure we still had a weekend away to go. After all we were up north to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Continue reading

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New dress for christmas and wedding anniversary

This is a pattern that I wanted to make since I saw it in the Burdaystyle. I bought the fabric on the fabric market as the perfect match. Continue reading

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Winter dreams

We all know those wonderful movies with cabinlog huts high up in the mountains. on the edge of an idyllic lake. People going there and having fun, as well as having long nights in front of an open fire. Total bliss away from everything. This dream is so un-dutch that we could never ever have that.

Continue reading

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