Pandora’s Star

Pandora’s Star – Peter F. Hamilton

Cover of "Pandora's Star (Commonwealth Sa...

Cover of Pandora’s Star (Commonwealth Saga)

The first time I read any Hamilton was “The Reality Disfunction”. I hated it. Never
read any of the other trilogy books.
Naturally given my bad experience I was apprehensive about this book. It was bought it as I was on a holiday in Europe and it was one of the few English
language books I could find at that time. Imagine my own surprise that I found this
book near impossible to put down, gripping and one for the best SF books I have read
in ages.
The story is complex, as was the disfunction. Hamilton seems to be hell bound on
keeping the timeline intact in all subplots This can be highly confusing. I also think
there are too many characters but apart from that it read well.
Essetially the story is about good and evil, isn’t it always. But in this case the nuances
between good and bad are shown. The reasoning behind things is well described and
the people in the book in most cases are sympathetic but flawed, as real people are.
For most of the book you are left guessing about the direction the book is going to
take, though the mythical figure of starflyer is clearly a major part of the story, this
major part is slowly becoming a central plot.
The chapter on Mars is hilarious. So easy to visualise and such a good concept to start
off with. Some parts of the book read as a major Hollywood blockbuster, specifically
when a whole panet is under attack and when there is a James Bond type scene in
Venice. It is written in a fast pace and there is some overload in information, but big
fun to read. Then there are the politics and the love stories. In those there are layers
that only peek through but tell you a lot about the people involved.
There is much more in this book, real innovative fantasy (“Silfen paths”) woven into a
fabric of hard SF. You are constantly put on the wrong foot as to where the story is
going and I love that. The story is never clear cut, even reading the last page out of
curiosity will tell you nothing about where the book is going. The next book (“Judas
Unchained”) is possibly even better.

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