The grump is back

XBF is grumpy. Very grumpy Did I mention that he was drunk again yesterday?
He is ever so nice when he is drunk. Nice to be with etc. Day after he is awful I pity his bookclub today. He’d asked me to buy some muffins for the bookclub 12 to be exact, as it was bring a plate. he’d pay for it. So I did. His bookclub will have muffins from yesterdays bake.

I have the feeling he is trying to punish me. Well think again He is only making his own life miserable and he is very very good at that. This cat will land on her feet again. I always have and always will. I do not need him. I managed quite well for 32 years without him thank you. In many ways I was better off without him to be honest.

His priorities are not straight. This week he was at TechEd and under the pretense of me and the stress I give him he skyved off most of the time. Paid time that is. On Tuesday he was back by 1pm. I think it is really stupid and clearly not worthy of somebody who is being paid over 80K.

Today he told me I am unpleasant to be around. He told me that he’d been reeling form two outbursts. Hmm the first one was one where I told him that I felt that he was moving way too fast and that his tactics of wanting me to be his confidante and friend whilst he is trying to find himself a new buddy were painful to say the least. So yes I blew up in his face when he wanted to tell me stuff about his drunken, chain smoking bimbo up north (found on line). I was also angry about his tactics by trying to punish me. He never knew that you catch more flies wit honey than vinegar. The car is a prime example. He has this habit of putting this to you just when you least expect it so you are reeling with the effects. The car was one he sent by email at work. He now is just mad that I gave in and worked out another solution because contrary to him I do have friends.
The second one was when I told him about me wanting the boss to have a look at the paperwork He threw a hissy fit and told me we were working to our contract and thus I was declaring war and opening up our contract that we signed when we moved in together. I made clear to him that the contract does not specify that we cannot talk to anybody else about the business side of it. That the contract is honoured is one thing, but that I ask for a second opinion is just good practice. I think he feels outmaneuvered and he does not like that at all, but I feel I am taking some of the control back that he tried to take from me again. He seems to be be wanting to constrain me. The car is just playing silly buggers.
He’s done that before you know taking the car away so I would have no choice but to give in. But this time is different. I have found my inner strength again. With special thanks to my boss because that is what lighted my confidence again.

Sorry to ramble on but now I see what person he really is. the shells really have fallen off my eyes


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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