I am back again

Finally I have everything sorted. I am typing this on my wonderful new laptop with my new broadband connection.

As you all know the book is closed now but I will give you a short lowdown on what happened
On Thursday I saw and spoke to XBF for the last time. The movers were there at about 8 am. XBF had left the house shortly before. As per usual he was not speaking to me. The movers were wonderful and everything was loaded by 10 am. The last thing to be packed was my cat. A friend was going to pick him up at my new place and give him a new home. The little grey one was completely spooked by the time I let him out of the bathroom, all his favourite toys had gone.

At my new place I was unpacked and the movers set up my bed. After that I went back to the house to double check everything. Still forgot things.
Anyway I also called XBF to state that I had left and that his cat was really not in a good place. That is when he told me that he’d changed the password on the user-account which is my name. He’d locked me out! I was livid as he’d also removed me from the phone account as a person who could deal with it. I called Telecom and explained the situation including the fact that I had requested a transfer of the username to my new phone account and that I did not want my ex to be able to use my name anywhere. The guy was really nice and acknowledged that the mistake was theirs and changed it and also changed the password again. I called the EX again and he clearly was livid Also when I told him that a special note was added that I was the only person authorised to change the password at any time from now on. This of course meant that he was completely locked out of the internet as well.

His was the next move. Firstly he started whining about the mutual property I had taken (the extension hose of the washing machine worth about $6) He also moved his new floozy in on Friday night. I know because I was picking up some stuff and saw her car. OK so I lost it. I am not proud but I decided as it was 7.15 am on Saturday that that was a nice time for the two lovebirds to get up and I banged the window. Well I actually ended up going through it. They must have been scared shitless! Anyway I did pay for the window but it was worth the money. I called Ty in a total panic and she talked me down a bit. I spent most of Saturday in bed as I was clearly totally exhausted.

I did change my bedding to some beautiful new sheets that I bought. In the evening I had a date with a builder. Not a success. Apart form the fact I was too tired he was rather on the annoying side.
Sunday I went to get my fridge in the company truck. Small girl Big truck It was great! I know have a very nice working fridge freezer courtesy of a friend who has 4 (including mine) In the afternoon I had a coffee with a printer and that was very nice.
On Monday XBF signed off on the house. I did on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon I had my money. Since then silence blissful silence.

The rest of the week was spent working buying computers and enjoying life. This weekend is a long weekend and I am going away to Morrinsville to visit some old friends I had lost contact with as XBF did not like them (the feeling was mutual I may add).
Unfortunately my cat managed to escape from his new home and has not been seen since. In some ways I am worried about him On the other hand I know he can look after himself. I have not given up hope that he will return to the house once he is really  hungry.

So here I am totally out of an emotionally draining relationship and into a new chapter of my life and so far I am loving it.
My new house is just so cool I love love love it It is not huge but it is roomy and it is in a good spot. Splitting up with XBF was the best thing that could have happened to me.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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