Christmas Party: Kiwi style, Indian Flavoured

Last night we had our company christmas party. As we have a overwhelmingly Indian workforce in our main factory we went to a local Indian restaurant. They knew they were in for a party. Our small factory showed up in full force. We had some concerns about them as they are mainly Islanders and there was some noise on the food side, as in; We don’t like it. They ended up liking it a lot and thankfully the staff bonded well

It was good to see all of them nicely scrubbed up. Normally I see them in their work outfits and wearing white overalls over their clothes. Some of them I had to look twice to recognise them. All had made an effort. They were very surprised to see me and how I scrub up. They’d never seen me in a skirt, on heals, wearing jewelery and make up. Was taught in Punjabi, which I have already forgotten, to say “you look very beautiful”. Which made me blush. Mind you given that there were only 6 women and 22 men we got a lot of attention.

We had a Santa on the skinny side and with a beard that kept falling off. One of our directors had been appointed volunteer. Strangely enough all women ended up first on his lap having presents (incriminating evidence to follow). This led to accusations of preferential treatment. I got a beautiful present which I misplaced later. A fake santa with a blue light in it Total uberkitch. But not too bad. By the looks of the presents the two dollar shop and the 1-2-3dollar shop had done good business.
We had so many cameras there and everybody had to get a picture of everybody. I’ll probably get some and I will post the most decent ones later.

It was a blast Best company Christmas party yet. That lot of ours knows how to throw a party. We hardly ate as they just kept dancing! And professional respect? Well at the party you are one of them. I was pulled off my chair to dance continuously. Indian popmusic I am really really starting to like it. Dinner-wise the restaurant had trouble serving the food as we just kept dancing Having said that the bar was doing overtime. Some staff got really drunk (we had arranged for dial a driver as we would not let anybody drive drunk) One of them I was amazed at that he was still standing at the end, he’d been swaying on his legs for hours.As per usual the fact that I do not drink went mostly unnoticed and once I got found out for not drinking they were like what? but you are just as crazy as we are. Well yes it is all in the mind

One of the guys thought to be a real charmer and bought some roses Then he gave them to all the ladies. Which was really sweet.Of course an office party would not be an office party if things did not get on a little between staff. One of our dispatch guys and one of the office ladies got rather friendly under the table They thought nobody was noticing. I think everybody did! Given that both are married it will get tongues swagging I’ll tell you that much, but a good office party needs and office party romance and I think we managed to comply with that requirement.

At around 11 (we started at 6) I’d had enough. I went home, called my brother for his birthday and went to sleep. Was fun though.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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