christmas in Wellington

A brief overview of this years’ Christmas My Christmas this year I celebrated in Wellington with Ty. This resulted in 4 day stay in that beautiful city and catching up on some much needed goss. Ty recently bought her own place and it is such a charming place that seems to fit her like a glove. It is as if the house loves her.

I flew down on Friday evening after a week where work slowly descended into chaos. And it was cold. It was so very cold! I had to ask Ty for extra sheets and a warmer PJ. I also had the heater running. The difference with Auckland was huge! Thankfully I did remember to bring my jacket. After a day I was starting slowly to get used to the weather, which never completely cleared.

On Saturday we did the required shopping and lunch parts of our stay. Ty was looking for some fabrics to make cushions with that would match her lounge the mad scientist theme she has going as well as the great outdoorsy atmosphere. At D. Alexander we found it. It was wonderful and I decided that this was going to be my gift to the house. This way there will always be some in the house that will remind her of me.
I bought some more essential oils as the ones I can buy in Wellington are half the price of the ones up here in Auckland. For dinner we wen to the German cafe which was good specifically the apfelstrudel.

On Sunday I just blobbed out for most of the time Ty went to the gym and mowed the lawns. The most surreal thing we did was go to the movies on Christmas Eve. We and 6 others saw Marie Antoinette (Great costumes, best supporting role was for cake) Walking out, there was nobody in the mall. It was surreal, weird and wonderful at the same time.

Christmas day was wonderful. Ty gave me this beautiful colour print. The print is of the Poor Knights Islands and unknown to her it actually was not just beautiful it has a much deeper meaning. In Maori legend the souls of the departed leave Aotearoa (New Zealand) at the tip of Cape Reinga past the Poor Knights Islands, which can just be seen from there. That and one of the major flight paths from NZ is over there. It is therefore very much a place that represents leaving. I think it was a wonderful meaningful gift, the print wil have a special place in when I am back in the Netherlands.
At the dinner table the majority of the people were Americans (6 out of 9), with me and two Kiwi’s thrown in for good measure. Which resulted in some interesting debates on foods and where to get them and why they are so important. Also the birth of Alpaca’s featured heavily on the topic of conversation list, mind you the stories were very funny. Before dinner we had taken a walk up to the Buddhist monastery near where Ty lives. Steep hill walk, but so worth the views and calmness. Ty and I burned some incense for those that needed support over Christmas.

Of course we succumbed to boxing day shopping but after an hour or two we decided that we were not the only ones and that we could not be phased fighting our way through the masses of people shopping for bargains. Yes we did buy something but not much. The rest of the afternoon was spent chitchatting and psyching up for the dreaded goodbye.
A real sadness combined with happiness was felt, as we know that most likely we will not see each other for 2 years or so. I am really glad though that I have seen Ty in her home, her castle, her empire. She has worked so hard to achieve that goal and I can only applaud her on how she did it and how well she did it. Ty, I will miss you when I am away Thank you for always having been such a good and understanding friend (including this christmas) And thank you for one of the best christmases I have had in years.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to christmas in Wellington

  1. Gilraen says:

    draakje wrote on Dec 27, ’06
    Dear Gilrean,
    that sounds really great! I have a hard time thinking of Christmas in summer and almost forgetting our coat. Here it is mainly grey and cold (not freezing unfortunately). We had quite a standard Christmas, but it was really nice. Christmas eve we were with the two of us, nice relaxed dinner and later to church. The next day we went to my parents. The whole family was around including my grandma and my mum had made us a wonderful meal. We have been thinking of names for the son of my brother. He will be born around queens day. Yesterday we had the family of my boyfriend over. It was really nice. We had decide to invite everybody to our place hoping that for a change there would be no quarreling and it worked! Even my brother in law managed to drop by on the way back from his family in law (in Poland) to home. All together really nice! It is a lot of work making dinner like this, but it is fun.

    toyotomi wrote on Dec 29, ’06
    Hey Gilr,
    I’m glad you had a nice xmas. I read you took 2 liters of pesto to Ty’s. You must have looked like two pimpled aliens if you ate it all!

    Our own christmas was mostly visiting the parents and working on my thesis, as I’m doing now.

    Have a happy end-of-the-year, and enjoy it!

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