Holly and I

Yesterday my Board computer/Navigation system was installed It has been christened Holly. This mainly because the voice in the system is female. Still coming to grips with Holly and Holly with me. Holly is mainly the navigation system and the board computer I mean the CD/radio part is well just that I guess.

See Holly and I got off on the wrong foot. We will work it out but there are some hurdles in our budding relationship.
First off Holly speaks to me in german. I nearly fell out of my car when I realised this, just as well it is a large car . The good thing about her accent is that I immediately knew what to call her.

The first function I found in Holly (apart form the radio and immediately locating Skyradio) was the home function That is the special shortcut where you fill out your home address. Holly and I completely agreed on that part. That was after my lunch break. Going home there was a traffic jam. Had been an accident and the A13 was full all the way between Rotterdam and Den Haag. Full and hardly moving. So Holly being equipped with traffic jam calculation software offered me an alternative route. Whee, I will follow!
Clearly I did not follow what she said in german (and she is most persistent as well, must be related to me) and drove past the exit she wanted me to take. In my defense it is not well marked. Anyway before I knew it I was in Rotterdam doing some interesting rounds on a large very busy roundabout trying to make sense of what Holly was trying to tell me. Me then throwing a hissy fit about her indications and driving back onto the A13 joining the traffic jam again, getting frustrated and trying again what Holly was suggesting Again missing the exit in the process, again getting onto this roundabout but instead of just listening also keeping an eye on Holly’s map and seeing what she was trying to tell me and following that instruction correctly. By this stage I am very tired and frustrated.
Holly then proceeds by guiding me through the back streets of Rotterdam towards the channel. There is a small road there. And I mean small. Imagine Opel Zafira. Car is 2m wide. Imagine road 2.5 to 3 m wide and a typical Dutch two way street. It was……tight.
Holly persisted and as I could see really no other way apart from through the water so did I.
In the end the road opened up a bit and I entered town in a different way than ever before and drove straight home.

This morning I had an early start. I had to be at our Zeeland branch at 8am and it is about a 90 minute drive from home.
So I decided to use Holly as I had never been there before. Holly clearly is not a morning person There was no way I could figure out how to load the new destination in, believe me I tried. She kept insisting to take me home. I switched her off when she started pleading with me to turn around as soon as I could. I just would not listen. Thankfully I had downloaded maps from google and knew where to go. I arrived on time.
On my way back I woke Holly again. After all I knew she loved getting me home, something I badly needed Holly insisted that I would take the same route I had taken down. This despite the fact that I was pretty sure I’d be stuck in Rotterdam again and my gut feeling told me to take another way. After some pondering I decided to give Holly the benefit of the doubt. I have to admit she was right. Sure I had a little bit of a delay, but no more than 10-15 minutes, which is about the same amount of time the alternative route would have added to my trip. I was impressed.

Upon my arrival home I decided to make use of my new found faith in Holly and see if I could enter more addresses and she let me! Now all my work addresses, my home and my parents are loaded. I will load more frequently used addresses over the next few weeks I think.
After a bad start Holly and I seem to be have come to an understanding. I guess the fact that I did trust her was an olive branch from me that was graciously reciprocated by Holly.

Now all I need to do to become best mates with Holly is get my hands on that Dutch CD to have her communicate in Dutch.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Holly and I

  1. Gilraen says:

    netheandersen wrote on May 12, ’07, edited on May 12, ’07
    Uh, G! This made me laugh till I cried!
    I had lunch with a very aristocratic German lady once, who seemed to get no end of pleasure from driving around in the Mercedes Benz her husband had got for her, taking all the wrong turns to torment the poor navigation system, who frantically -but ever so politely- pleaded “bitte fahren Sie rechts” and so on. That system was so neurotic from these sort of excursions, that she just wanted to go home all the time.
    I see that you and Holly are working toward each other, and that you find no pleasure in tormenting anybody. But as I understand your Holly, she is -as of yet- German. Have you considered the alteration in her personality (read trauma) that might occur if you ask her to change her language so soon in your relationship? Maybe letting her speak German on the most often traveled routes, might make her happy to speak Dutch on novel routes…
    I wish you and Holly all the best.
    Oh, and by the way, what gender is your car it self?

    gilraensurion wrote on May 12, ’07
    Glad you enjoyed it. Believe me if the traffic jam had not been as bad as it was I would have switched her off. I was yelling at her to start making sense, not my finest hour.
    The car’s name? Think about it why she is called Holly and who Holly would be and things will fall into place. I have a name in mind.
    As for changing her language so soon, I think this would be a good step in our relationship. See they language on the screen is already Dutch, just the dynamic voice control is German. It is a bit schizo, but at least we now have a working relationship. However she will see things my way in the end I think. Navigation systems are great things but they all have their different personalities and ways to interact. Just have to read the user-guide really well. Hmmmmmmm putting it like that it should have been a male name…..but wait the name Holly takes care of that as well.
    Now guess

    netheandersen wrote on May 13, ’07
    See, I´m not really good at guessing… I can only think of 3 names or phrases: 1)Holly Hunter 2) Buddy Holly and 3) “deck the halls with broughs of holly, fa la-la-la-laa la-la la laaaa”.
    So my guess would be that the car is named Hunter or Buddy. Did I win anything?

    trinewarming wrote on May 14, ’07, edited on May 14, ’07
    Hmm, I’ll join Nethe…
    I’m also totally not getting the Holly-joke…
    Best guess I can come up with is that the German title of the movie “Cookie’s Fortune” is “Aufruhr in Holly Springs”… Which is quite hilarious, but just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…
    Come on G, tell us!!
    By the way, that movie is fantastic!

    gilraensurion wrote on May 14, ’07
    OK Holly is short for hologram – It is the name of the smartass board computer in Red Dwarf – an hilarious British SF spoof series. This computer went through a identity crisis In the first few series Holly was a man, later a woman Then Holly crashed but was recovered from a planet, but was back to its male form.
    The name for the car could be Rimmer, or Kryton. Can’t do Red Dwarf as that was the name of my old old Toyota which went into a in 2001

    netheandersen wrote on May 15, ’07
    Aha! Never would have guessed, though I think I´ve seen a little from that series… -I´d wote for Rimmer for the car, but he´s yours, so you know him better.

    trinewarming wrote on May 16, ’07
    Ah, well then…
    Never did watch Red Dwarf – sounds quite funny though, maybe I should give it a chance…
    As for Sci-fi series, I can warmly recommend Firefly by Joss Whedon:

    gilraensurion wrote on May 16, ’07
    I have all the DVD’s including serenity!

    trinewarming wrote on May 18, ’07
    Good girl! :o)

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