Lazy Sunday afternoon

Yesterday we had relatives around When they arrived they told me: ‘You’d better have a look at your right front tyre, it is flat’. Unfortunately they were right. There was a hole in the tyre on the side probably hit the pavement when turning into the parking space.

So my SO and I decided to have a look today to change the tyre to the spare so that I could drive the car to the garage and have it replaced Monday morning. SO graciously offered to do this for me.
This morning around 11 we decided it was time. Out comes the handbook
We read it. We open the bonnet. We open the part under which the spare tyre is located according to the handbook. We try to locate the keythingy to lower said spare from it’s hiding place under car. Keythingy cannot be located. It starts to dawn that we may have a slight problem.
SO crawls under car and states the facts;
‘You don’t have a spare tyre’.
‘You don’t have a spare tyre’

Of course repeating this fact does not make it believable Therefore I also have a look and of course he is right. Where the spare tyre should be there is well the bottom plate of the car, but he’s right, I don’t have a spare tyre. Slightly baffled we go back inside. What to do next?

I call the Opel Assistance service as it is a lease car and under warranty. Within an hour I have the AA service people showing up. He explains that most lease companies see the not having of a spare tyre as a way to save money. Note: it is not longer compulsory to have a spare.
he tries to locate a tyre, but of course it being Sunday no such luck Does not help that the size of my wheels is somewhat different to most according to the AA guy. He checks his depot which is close by and comes back with a no I don’t have a spare tyre for you.

Then what? I have a car, it has a flat tyre, I cannot drive the car to the garage as I have no spare tyre and the AA cannot help me. I think I may have a teeny weeny problem here.
Well no. As it is a lease car they call a towing company. They will tow me to their garage in The Hague. I will receive a loan car. They will then replace the tyre for me (under warranty) I think have to drive the loan car back to The Hague and pick up my car. Given that the job at hand is a 15 minute job provided you have the correct tyre I should have my car back on Monday evening.
Never mind that The Hague is not en route to work. But at least I don’t have to take a day off for this. So I say yes we’ll do that. Call my Logistics Manager and notify him of what has happened. Will tell him all about it tomorrow.

So about 20 minutes later the tow truck arrives. A small crowd gathers in the street. I walk over to the car and the neighbours ask me what is wrong. I tell them;’Believe it or not, this is all because of a flat tyre’ My neighbour tells me I should have my SO do the work So again I state the above story.
Another neighbour says ‘but it is underneath’. I say ”It isn’t we’ve checked’ . Said neighbour dives under car and states ‘You don’t have a spare tyre’ I knew that!

So off we go in the tow truck Towman tells me I am the second that day, which strangely enough helps to ease the embarrassment.  So in the office the lady asks me what it wrong with my car (as this seems to impact on the loan time) So I tell her ‘I have a flat tyre and no spare’. She says ‘You don’t have a spare tyre?’ and grins. Well yes.

So after that I go home with my loan car a VW Golf 1.6  Nice car, but I like mine better.  I should be able to pick the car up again tomorrow. And you know what? I still won’t have a spare tyre.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Lazy Sunday afternoon

  1. Gilraen says:

    netheandersen wrote on Aug 19, ’07
    Hi-Hi. You are spared the handywork, but not the time, it seems. Hmm… Aparently a lot of other cars have to be put in motion for this one no-spare-tyre car to get on the road again. I wonder at the policy not to lend out cars with a spare tyre. How can it be economical for either party? 🙂

    gilraensurion wrote on Aug 19, ’07, edited on Aug 19, ’07
    Well it is a lease car A spare tyre costs an additional 500-700 euro’s per car for the lease company when they buy them. So if you have say 1,000 cars you save 500,000 euro’s on spare tyres. So the 1,000 euro this little things costs pays itself back nicely. This is not going to happen to 500 people.
    It is all about the economy of scale. 🙂

    netheandersen wrote on Aug 19, ’07
    A-ha, see now I get it 🙂

    draakje wrote on Aug 20, ’07
    I’ve never been good at economics. And I am much more happy with my spare tyre now I know those problems. Still, I hope I won’t need it.

    toyotomi wrote on Aug 26, ’07
    Please explain to me how this is more economic than providing a spare.

    They need to provide a load car, send a tow truck etc. Assuming this happens at least once with every car, that strikes me as more expensive in the long run. But alas, those last words are probably the key.

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