Is this progress?

Today I had the most annoying experience in the supermarket.
I did not go to my standard supermarket as I had to pick up a shoe in town. I had decided as it is across from another supermarket to do my shopping there. It made complete sense at the time, especially as it was raining.

It was around 5 pm, thus it was busy, but that is what I expected. Of course I had some trouble locating all the stuff I needed, that was not an issue. The irritation did not start until I reached the end of my journey.
As it was busy the que lines were long. So looked at the self scan decks thought ‘hey groovy a gadget, I am an ex cashier that must be faster’ and joined that que.

*buzzersound* Big mistake. It was not faster in fact it was slower. One has to scan one item at a time and then has to wait until said item disappears behind the curtain. Only then you can scan the next item. Needless to say that a small basket that way is as fast as a full trolley on a deck with a cashier.
So when I finally get to the techie scanner I scan all items………………a……..time. Some I had to scan twice and then carefully check if it had not double the count as it does not bleep, when it scans. Also it has no scales at the deck. Hence one has to weigh the fruit at the fruit counter and get a price for it there, which of course is not how it works at my local supermarket, so I get negative bonus points for that and extra time required. Luckily I am not the only blonde in the country and hence they put one near the scan deck…….. in an unreachable high up place, where shorties like me have trouble getting to. But hey I got there. But mood was sinking fast.
Then you get to the payment system. Cleverly they said you have two options; print out your receipt and join the long que for the payment with the lady that takes care of 6 of these nice self scanning machines, alternatively pay by DIY and pin (EftPos). Still not freaked out by the nature of this horrid invention I decided I was not going to join another que and take my chances with the DIY system.
*buzzersound* Mistake two! The DIY payment system: One has to push several buttons to tell the machine what and how one wants to pay. Unfortunately people that designed it, never use it and I can tell you that having to juggle the shopping, scanning, bags and the payment system with two control centres diagonally opposed to each other is not well thought through. I must admit thinking; ‘ a woman would never have designed it this way’ or rather ‘A man invented this, it must have been a man’.
Finally I had reached the end of the exhausting list of instructions and managed to pay. Mood still dropping, in the process. The receipt came out and all I had to do now was pack my stuff. As per usual I took my wallet and the ticket and put it away in the lining of my large shopping bag.
I walked around the monster deck and packed my stuff. Then I proceeded to the exit.

*buzzersound* Again this was a mistake. See in order to get out, it being a self scan deck one has to scan out of the supermarket with the receipt. Of course nobody tells you this, most certainly not the unhelpful interface of the deck, until your reach said exit, which is blocked. So here I was grumbling (make that fuming) trying to find my wallet and the receipt in between the cucumber, the chicken, fruit and vegetables. I finally found it, scanned out, put receipt away again and left the supermarket Thankfully it had stopped raining (small comfort) and I went home.

But I decided there and then that next time I will wait in line to be helped by one of those lovely ladies that scans fast, tells me the total cost, says good afternoon and bye, has generally a friendly user interface and most of all is paid for all that work I did today. Sometimes gadgetry is not progress.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Is this progress?

  1. Gilraen says:

    netheandersen wrote on Jul 13, ’08
    That´s so funny! I am sure there would have been smoke coming out my ears too, if ever such a high-tech thing would reach Northern-norway. But i think my fellow blonds and i are safe for a long time up her in the middle of no-where 🙂
    Good story!

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