Bicycle Race (fat bottomed girls will be riding today)

I’m not sporty, really I am not.
But over time you need to get adjusted to reality.
We are cycling just about every weekend and the tours are getting longer (well officially anyway) and the plan is to do a 5 day trip at the end of August, weather and work permitting.
However I have been cycling in my yoga pants, cotton T-shorts and my booties. (seriously). So I have been trying some of SO’s wet/dry shirts that he uses for skating and running. They are really nice. Also shorts are better really. Yes also his’.
And to be honest; shorts with a shirt about 3 sizes to wide an male cut and then booties under it.  A fashion statement it is not.

So this weekend we went shopping. The T-shirts I could cope with. Tried on about 20 and ended up with three. I have come to the conclusion that Nike is not my brand. The size M was more like a small XXXL, model tent. The other shirt was too wide in the bust and not wide enough around the hips, making me look like an upside down tied garbage bag IMO.
Now I have a nice black and grey one, a turquoise and white with pink stripes.

As said that was the easy part. Next shorts I went for the real cycling shorts. Tight and shiny. I had one blue one with racing stripes which are kinda cool. Though I feel self conscious wearing them. The others are black and really just as tight etc. They have an additional negative feature though. They have special padding for cycling in the crotch area. It is akin to having female hygienic bandages built it. I think it will be great on the bike, but it does feel embarrassing .
Last but not least I had to buy proper sport-shoes. After three tries I found them. SO had to help me with those as I really do not know anything about what is good or not.

So there I was, in true sports attire but with milky white legs showing underneath. Heaven knows I felt so self conscious, but SO says it looks quite cool and certainly sporty. Now all I have to do is see if my bike can be repaired to a decent standard and before you know it I become a sports woman.

So London 2012 here I come (just to watch though )


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Bicycle Race (fat bottomed girls will be riding today)

  1. Gilraen says:

    trinewarming wrote on Aug 12, ’08
    Love the headline! :oD
    I know the problems of finding sportswear that fits AND looks at least a little appealing at the same time. Somehow, most sportswear looks good only on people who have already been exercising forever… Which is really silly! However, I recently found a clothes store with big-size clothes, that also has some sportswear. Although I do not see myself as a candidate for H&M’s “Big Is Beautiful” line yet, I definitely consider going there to buy some loose-fitting sports tees and pants. It is difficult enough to get to the gym without having to suffer the humiliation of having to wear too-tight-fitting tees or Michael’s hand-me-downs…
    So, congratulations on the shopping spree! I admire your energy! :o)

    netheandersen wrote on Aug 13, ’08
    Uh! Hope you have a great time biking around! And a 5-day biking holiday sounds great! I´ll cross my fingers that you get a nice tail wind!

    lamondine wrote on Aug 15, ’08
    I might be a different build but there was no way I was going to wear those real bikeshorts either! However, before we did the Otago Railtrail [a must on the to do list then when you come back to visit us 🙂 ] I did find some really nice Kathmandu shorts: they are the real maccoy built into casual shorts. ie tight lycra with padded seat underneath, but looking like normal shorts when you hop off the bike to go to the pub for regular refreshments.

    netheandersen wrote on Aug 15, ’08
    Uh! What brand did you say those shorts were? They sound fantastic!

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