Saturday feast

Waking up this morning is very very hard. Not only and I nursing a bit of a cold I am also very tired from a long, but great night
The cold has been around for about 2 or 3 weeks but been kept at bay Just sneezing in the morning mostly. The sort you know is there, but is not coming out. It seems with he sleep deprivation this weekend it finally blew out.

This weekend I finally got to meet one of SO’s more illusive friends. Not that he has been hiding D, not at all, but lives are sometimes hard to bring into line. D is one of SO’s friends from way back when. Studied with SO and worked at the same place where SO started his career. However D is also married with two children and has a similar sort of job to SO, hence away a lot and a family that likes him to be around as well. About once every 3 months SO has dinner with D and their other friend SO’s BF that we skate/bike with.
I finally said it is about time I meet him. So we invited D and his wife C for dinner. After a lot of scheduling on both sides we had settled on this weekend. Nearly went wrong at the last minute due to babysit problems but in the end it worked out.
As per usual one (as in me) has to impress in cases like this. We settled on Canard a l’orange for a main. and around it I settled for the following menu;
Starters – Home made sushi – Salmon, Fresh Tuna and Shrimp
First course – Courgette soup – Made from scratch and very very easy to do.
Main course – Canard a l’orange, fancy mash potato and a salad (goat cheese and mandarin)
Dessert – Almond and honey tart with lemon sorbet and raspberries
After – Coffee with praline chocolates.

In a flash of being well organised I had prepared a shopping list and we went to the supermarket on Friday to get the majority of our requirements. Of course we did not have a suitable frying pan for the duck and were really forced to go shopping on Saturday. We had to twist each others arms to do so. NOT, we actually ran to the store, we so love shopping in that store.
I also needed a smaller baking form and once we are in our favourite cooking store, we need things we did not even realise existed, until we find them. From that moment of discovery on, we decide they meet the barest necessities of life criterion all of a sudden and need to be taken home with us. At home we then find we do not really have the space to store it, but always we overcome this little problem.
Then we had to get the fish (needs to be fresh after all) and then off to home

After fighting our way out of the parking garage (took us 25 minutes to get out), we headed home. I had to do the bulk of the work in two hours. SO made the house look presentable and went out for the last bits and bobs to be bought. While he was out I made the honey almond tart. Easy thing to make and I had the shaved almonds. The recipe required 100g. I thought I had two bags at 45g each and thought that is enough. I had even checked the cupboard, 2 bags present.
When I went to grab it it turned out to be one bag of almonds and one bag for tea. I called SO, whom could not answer the phone. Panic! What to do?
I took a dive into the cupboard again and found a packet of unsalted mixed nuts containing whole almonds. I carefully picked out all almonds and went ahead with finishing the tart. It was a great rescue, it tasted good and we all agreed the whole nuts actually made it special.
All early preparable foods and preparations were ready by the time they arrived.
Of course the two hours that I had would have been too short. Just as well that C&D had decided to come by bike and ride to the wrong address. Apparently they passed our house a few times, because D could not remember the number (Just goes to show how often he visits LOL). So they ran about 20 minutes late, which allowed me to change out of my cooking clothes into something a little more presentable.

We had a great evening. Of course the credit crisis and Fortis featured heavily in our conversation and even more in  the jokes. SO made the Canard a l’orange and did a great job. The dinner was really great, specifically as all recipes (except the sushi, mash and salad of course) were new to us both.
Our pieces of art were well admired to the point that we decided that the two of them will try to join us for realism 2009. D already saw the implications for the bank account. Even negotiations on where to put the art were ongoing during the evening. It was quite funny. Our friends did not leave until close to one (finally an evening with adults, without children I guess).

So now I am sitting here, nursing a cold that has finally come loose, and a hangover-type headache (and that without alcohol) Thank heavens for Sundays after evening like this.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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