Back to reality

Christmas went without much of a hitch. On christmas day we had time to ourselves as we only had to be at BIL at 4.30 pm. So we slept in, fluffed around the house and got dressed.
Dinner was good. MIL and FIL were making dinner this year. Traditionally in SO family they take turns annually to cook a meal and this year was their turn. However they have a small kitchen and SIL offered her kitchen as this was also easier with my 16 month old niece.
Niece loved all attention she was seeking and got. However it made her hyper and after she went to bed she was up crying ever hour, I later heard this continued through the night. She has been teething so this may have aggravated the whole situation.
Anyway dinner was good. As usually it can be described with one word; abundant. The main course was a fish gourmet. We had a great time with snowmen and father christmas salt and pepper sets (father christmas was pepper and the snowman salt). We each got a set when we went home. Thinking of giving them way on New Year’s day.

Boxing day my parents came as did my in-laws. I was up at 9 to start prepping and thanks to good scheduling and SO making sure everything else was happening on time we were ready and good by 2.30pm. I had anticipate my parents arriving around 3.30pm but due to traffic jams they were an hour late. A lot of people went to the furniture shops that open on boxing day. We had not anticipated how many there would be.
As our parents do not know each other well it took a little while to warm up completely I guess about 10 minutes and then they were off. At one stage SO and I were told to go into the kitchen as the parents needed to discuss. Seriously they got on very very well. Which made us very happy. SO and I have commented before on the similarities in our background and here it is also showing.
The only hitch in the story was when we opened presents. SO got an electrical wine bottle opener. A new gadget. For a good 10 minutes he was seriously distracted.
I had made dips a guacamole and a dairy/thai chilli dip. The latter is a huge hit and too easy to make, MIL wanted it for her next dinner party!
Dinner consisted of:
Peking Duck – the pancakes and sauce variety. I had used duck breast, not skin. SO cooked the duck and did a great job. I made the pancakes from scratch and had been insanely nervous about that. Turned out to be relatively easy. Everybody loved it. It was a huge hit.
As a main I had made my Jamie Oliver adapted Roast lamb with fresh rosemary. My parents and in-laws are not accustomed to lamb so it was a huge hit. Intermittently introduced everybody to the secret of a roasting bag. My dad, a carnivore if there ever was one, was totally taken aback by the lamb and is a convert. He even said that he never expected lamb to taste that good. I had simple wok-fried veggies and pommes duchesse with it. Making the lab the real centre piece.
Dessert was my chocolate cake with home made raspberry sauce and vanilla custard sauce. It tasted insane. Chocolate explosion! But to be honest a little rich side.

The whole day we listened to the Top 2000 in the background. It runs from midnight boxing day until midnight new year’s eve and we have the print out on the wall. As all for them are well known, well loved songs it it amazingly good background music. PS on the link you can listen to it via the internet.

I think I earned major brownie points with both sets of parents. The only drawback? They wanted to make reservations for next year!


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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