Stairway to heaven

More things that have happened.
Well as you are aware we had our house put up for sale. In some previous posts I told you about the big shifting we did and how that resulted in my collapsing. What I had not told you guys yet was the big paint.
See the was painted by the previous owners in a rather primary colour scheme, which SO liked (me too by the way) but was a bit worn and not considered to be en vogue. Also a lot of the paint on window sills could do with a spruce up.

So we painted a few bits and pieces. Parts of the wall were redone as they were rather dirty or had had some mishaps over the years. The wall colour (maize colour-ish) was perfect. After drying one could not notice it, hence a lot of ad hoc repairs in the middle of the walls were carried out. Window and door sills where appropriate and the stairs downstairs were in dire need.
Of course we wanted to just go for the same colours but the estate agent vetoed the idea for the stairs. She asked us to go light grey! My courage took a deep nose dive.  I was so tired already! The biggest thing with the stairs of course is that you have to do it in parts otherwise you can’t use it anymore. Not to mention that the paint smell pulls through the whole house and it will take about a week to paint stairs.

But my pitbull attitude took over and with SO away for 4 days I just went for it. I had decided on the a schedule and off I went:
On Monday we had some wall work done. Once he finished I hit the brushwork. The colour did look a little pale but I made sure I carefully stirred it. I put the first layer on uneven numbered stairs. The next day was a day off and I did the second layer in the morning. I did notice the odd dark streak, was a bit concerned about it being my brush loosing hair. In the evening the first layer of the even steps and of course as always you stir first. But now that the tin was not as full anymore I noticed something. All of a sudden the colour started changing!. As it turns out when it was being prepared it had not been mixed at all. Just had stood in the colour mixing machine! With my heart sinking I put the first layer on the even steps. Hoping against hopes that the colour differences I saw where due to it being the first layer and wet, but deep in my heart I knew it was not. I saw it the next day and I was shattered. I so wanted it to be finished when SO returned home on Friday. Coming home that day from work I had come up with a thousand plans and cried my eyeballs out form tiredness and associated stress. This was so not what I needed.

I decided there and then to make it work for me. That evening I put on the second coat on the even steps. The next morning (Thursday) before work I did the uneven steps with the new (slightly darker) colour and I prayed all day that one coat would be sufficient, because of the layer under it being only slightly lighter. It worked. That evening I coated the even stairs and the next morning the uneven ones.
When SO returned it was ready to be walked on. I was elated. SO admired my work and was ever so sweet putting me to bed and all. The change was so huge though that he was not sure if he actually liked the colour. The house looks very neutral now almost showcase like. A fishbowl I call it. Well who cares 😉 As long as it sells the house, we don’t have to like it.

Our estate agent came round and she was totally ecstatic about everything we had done. Everything just so we can sell the house fast!


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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