Wht goes up must come down and back again

Weekend in Germany has been very summery but great and relaxing. On the first day of my 4 day stay, SO had to work. After all he is here for work and I knew that even on his days off he would be on call in case there were any issues. On day one this was not the biggest of deals as with all the relaxing and finally being way I actually ended up sleeping quite a bit.It was as if finally I good let go if the tiredness and just collapsed. SO did not arrive back until 10pm. Tired and very much in need of a break.

On Friday we wen to the felsen meer which is located in the Odenwald, just south of Darmstadt. It is a UNESCO site a Geopark to be exact. This site has some nice pictures. We parked not far from the highest point, but it was a steep walk up to that highest point. From there it was all down hill again. Some parts did not slope much others were very steep. And everywhere there were rocks: medium, large and huge (not really small ones). SO had walked this before on the odd occasion if he needed to stay over in the past for one day or so. He knew what to expect. I did not. The last part was particularly steep. Thankfully at the bottom there was a restaurant. Something to eat and even more urgent something to drink.

There was a catch of course. We had to get back up. I have a tendency to try to run up the mountain, get tired, exasperated even and my heartbeat jumps up I loose control over my breathing etc. You get the picture, leading to collapse. SO handled this very easily. Knowing what the problem was he walked slowly in front of me so I could not walk at full speed. The result was that I could cope much better for longer stretches. We also opted for walking a longer distance by using the not so steep paths. It worked a charm. I happily made it to the top. Which was just as well as there were 5-year olds that were running up that mountain as if they were mountain goats.  Once at the top we had the little stretch back to the car. We then drive to the Hotel where SO usually stays when here. At present he is staying at a different hotel, closer to work as he has been making 12-15 hours days, driving 30 minutes would be too dangerous.

Anyway at the hotel we has asparagus which were fresh and great tasting. SO showed me also why he loves eating trout there. They have three ponds there with fish in them one of them trout, rainbowtrout and charr. Sure all closely related, but all slightly different . When you order any of these three, they go and get one out of the pond for you! Very fresh indeed.

The next day we drove to Heidelberg, which is a bit further, but a nice medieval town. We had some major issues finding a parking spot there. We did not realise there was a major rowing regatta as well as being a tourist trap. I had been to Heidelberg years ago, when a friend was staying there for her masters thesis work. At that time I only saw some of the alltstatt as it was winter and dark. She’d told me about the famous philosophers walkway. We did not walk it at that time but I had always remembered it. So as we were there now, we decided it would be a good way to spend the time. At the time we were sitting on a nice terrace of a market square in the old city (altstadt). We crossed the Neckar over the old foot bridge and went to the other side. There it is sign posted a path to the philosophers pathway. The sign dangerous with snow and ice, should have made me think, it did not.

Remember the day before, our ‘little’ walk then? Can you just imagine me being a wee bit sore in my calves? Well I was and this path was not helping to make me feel less sore, quite the opposite actually. I was insanely glad when we got to the top! I was just about ready to scream amputate them. My legs were so utterly not in agreement with this. At the top we decided to go right. The reason? We did not have a clue as to what we were doing, hence everything was a big gamble. After walking a while through nice leafy forrest we sort of noticed wat we were the only people there, and we had no clue as to how this path would turn out. Considering that we only had the signposting on the stones that said we we were still on the philosophers walkway (yes yes, philosophers stone I get it! ) but that the next stone was a little ambiguous about that we decided to turn around. At our starting point we went further (effectively turning left at the top now) at least there were more people and after a while even a kiosk selling ice-cream. There we asked for directions. From then on it was another 20-30 minutes walk down and to the car. We went back to Darmstadt and had a nice dinner and slept like logs that night.

This morning I woke up a little sore, but not too much. I think trip two took care of most problems, yet I would not be too happy about having to an up-hill/down-hill with that level of steepness again today. Today I am heading back to the Netherlands, not to home but to Lelystad. SO is back at work and our weekend is over. Another two weeks before SO will be home for a day or two. Not fun but at least one of those two weeks I am too busy to miss him a lot. Not being at home also makes it easier I think. Leaving here in an hour or so. Was a good weekend, the right level of relaxing and exercise to get rid of built up tension. It was also good to see this part of SO’s life. It is where he spends a lot of time at present and now I know what it looks like and who the people are. It was perfect.



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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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