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My life has been insane. I have been soooooooo busy
Last week I spent in Lelystad for my conference. This meant meetings for 5 days. That in itself is hard, specifically as I actually don’t understand the subject in most cases. Not required. I am only the project facilitator, don’t have to be an expert, but does make it hard.

I arrived on the Sunday at the hotel. Trip from Germany was sheer h*llish. The ICE had an airco malfunction and then travelling all the way from Frankfurt to Amsterdam in the heat from that day was awful I managed to arrive at about 10 m. Got to my room and started to unpack.
First found that I had forgotten to take one pair of trousers from Germany. Bummer.
Then I go and hang up my coat and shirts. but where?
I find all these coat hangers but nothing to hang it up on Only in the bathroom there are two hooks for the bathrobe. Hmmm better use that then. I took a quick hot bath and went to sleep.

Next day I complain about this. They first ask how long I am going to stay (5 nights, why?) They promise me it will be sorted the same day. I take it form this if I had only stayed 2 nights they would not have done this.
That evening I spent with my friend and her family, we had a nice meal. When I arrived in my room the problem was fixed. Again I took a hot bath. I noticed that it was weirdly dark in the hallway.
Next day I took a shower and found that the water was hot, not matter what I did. Hmmm that explains the hot baths, I do like my bath hotter than my shower, though SO thinks I shower waaaaaaay hot. Then I look up in the hallway. In the daylight I discover that there is a light in there, just not a working one. Oh brother and this is only day two!
That evening I go out to dinner with a colleague and arrive back in the hotel at a half decent time, and complain about the above problems. They resolve the light immediately, the water will have to wait a day otherwise ti will be 11 pm before I can go to bed.
So I go to sleep and have another hot shower. The day I have a bad start with nearly getting to the conference, realising I have forgotten my glasses, walling back to the hotel, forgetting my map waking back again and in despair ordering a taxi and arriving in the nick of time for my morning meeting. So this is Wednesday. I am starting to feel the strain of having to get things sorted, being the one they contact about all details.

That evening I am taking my ecologists to the Oostvaarders plassen where we watch all kinds of animals, including the largest herd of wild horses in Europe, They are konik, and it was magnificent to watch them move across the plains there.
That evening I roll into bed. After having some issues with the bathwater It takes a bit long to get hot now! I am also finding as I am the organising person it takes me about 2 hours to wind down before I can get to sleep, which is making my nights a little short so to speak.
The Thursday  started off with the dual meetings. I had people on two sides of the building.
In the afternoon the other meeting was finished and I had another meeting which was supposed to finish at 5. NOT. Unfortunately we had a bus waiting for the evening program at the the hotel at 6. So here we are trying to divert the bus to the conference centre, while the meeting is continuing. We get a hold of the people in the city coucil that organise it. They tell me there is a problem (What another one?) Yes kids walking the avondvierdaagse.  Which is simplified child version of the big vierdaagse Distances are only a few kilometers for the kids but the system is the same four evening of walking 5-10 km. The last evening a lot of parents and grandparents are there with flowers etc.  Oh yeah the inner city is closed off, Really cool on the day of a city tour offed by the same city council that organises the vierdaagse.

Anyway by 8.20 we manage to get going with the attendees of the meeting. We end up seeing the Batavia replica. Just what we needed! The dinner afterwards was great and another late night followed.
The next morning I found that the water instead of just hot was intermittent meaning it did not hold its temperature and went between warm and cold. Nice one. So before I checked out I complained again. So I got a very small discount, and they messed that up as well. So I am never going to stay there anymore. The price/quality was hideous.

So as you can see I have been busy. I came home late in the afternoon that weekend. Totally stuffed. But the meeting had been a great success and I got all kinds of compliments, which is really nice.
Saturday I only did my shopping, Sunday nothing and monday a yoga workshop and a BBQ with friends. Though I missed SO greatly at the BBQ (they are friends through is work) I di enjoy myself a lot. Sure more things happened but I’ll get to that in another blog


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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