Kitchen removal

The kitchen is out. It was somewhat more drama than we’d anticipated. We knew this week was going to be weird with SO on a course in town but needing to be in class at 8am and, as it turns out, never home before 11.30pm. I was preparing for my business trip next week and had a big meeting. So we were heavily relying on the in-laws to do the house sitting, but then again what can go wrong with removing a kitchen?

It started last week; On Friday around 1pm I received a phone call. “We are at you place to deliver the floor tiles but nobody is home”. I told them as their delivery was a week early this was to be expected, but that they were welcome to wait until I got home at about 4.30pm.
Planning was looked at and a lot of talking was done and ultimately it eventuated that they had forgotten to remove the old dates from their schedule, though all new dates had been planned. So the truck took off again.

On Monday the old kitchen was taken apart for a large part no big issues. Except of course that the people were late, but this was partially due to traffic congestion.
On Tuesday I had a meeting about 130km from home and the people taking the rest of the kitchen apart. This together with the water and electricity being moved from one wall to the opposite one, plus my father and brother coming to pick up the old kitchen (Mum’s having it installed). I had all the ingredients for a mini disaster. Start cooking!
First phone call was made before I had reached my meeting destination. Floorboards are not coming out as planned as they were glued. At least they were coming out, and in the end not as pad as feared. By the time we got home at the end of the day, I had had a phone call from our vendor to call him back. The return journey was not much fun with the temperatures rising to close to 30deg C and not having airco in the car. On arrival home I could swim from the car to our front door.
As I arrived the house was full of people. My dad and brother, as well as my MIL and FIL. All four wanted attention immediately, I fled in my required phone call to the vendor. As soon as my dad and my FIL saw I looked a bit haggard, they just continued what they were doing. Those two have a lot in common . Anyway the vendor told me a few things including that the kitchen as designed (and measured) would not fit the kitchen. The designed framing of the kitchen would be in the dining room. I told him I would call him back with our decision the next day. The iI went back to my guest and MIL fed me 🙂 As soon as the old kitchen was loaded my dad and brother left. My in-laws followed soon after and off to yoga I went. I so needed that. I send SO an SMS that we needed to discuss the kitchen that evening. He arrived home around 9. We decided that the frame instead of 25cm needed to be 16cm wide and the whole kitchen would fit. SO then had to return to his course buddies .  Our descision I relayed to the vendor the next day and all was well. At least I thought it would be.

Wednesday was easy and Thursday another challenge. The people that were installing our underfloor heating arrived (at 7am). First question, where does the heat pump go as it is not on the drawings. Uhm it is not no. Think, think think real hard (not easy at that time). When we had decided on location he checked the concrete floor. Big bummer, all our Central Heating, gas an other lines were way high up in the concrete In fact too high in some places. It would be hard if not impossible to install the stuff. Heater guy calls his buddy who has dealt with this stuff more often Heater buddy comes over and together they think they know how to do it. All we wen up with is a cold spot in front of the kitchen door. Well so be it then and at around 11am I receive a call All is done!. As he carved the grooves into the concrete, the house had a thin white layer everywhere. Just as well that we had closed the connection between the kitchen and the lounge. It save our furniture.

The next day I had to sort out some minor issues regarding delivery of the kitchen as I was not up to three delivery days. One as in our diary, one as according to my in-laws and one according to the fitter. I told the store to sort that out. And the tiles were delivered. I also told them about the little crater that was created by heater guy when installing the heating rods. They said no problem, but I suspect some extra cement on the pile

Anyway next week the tiles are installed and nobody can walk on the for 4 days. And on Friday the kitchen frame/surround is built. At least we are now onto building again, instead of ripping things out. One week down three to go.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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