I’m Blue

Yesterday I went to see Avatar, the movie. It was unexpected but fun. SO had to travel to Bremen for one day and night. This means leaving one evening, returning late the next night. The tomorrow he is having a well deserved dinner with his brother. A boys’ night out. The drawback was that instead of one evening on my own, all of a sudden I was going to be alone for three nights in a row. This is not bad in itself I am sewing at present and I have bought some new books. I am not bored and I am not feeling lost and lonely. However when I told one of our secretaries, she invited me to join her and three other secretaries from the company to dinner and the movie. I figured that this was a good idea.

So after work we went to the local Thai. This is a bit of a strange restaurant. No card. You get when they cook. 3 reasonable courses at a very decent price. It was good food and good company. I only know one of the other secretaries a little but that was not a problem. Then we took off to the theater. Of course our theater room was the one highest up. And we had to wear the strange glasses.

As I am not able to see 3D due to astigmatism and the old green and red glasses only gave me a headache I declined. However the movie is not sharp without the glasses so I had to.! I have never seen so much 3D in my life. It was somewhat of a life altering experience .I have to admit.

During most of the movie there was this meme in my head. “I’m blue daben di daben dai” No idea why. The movie itself will be forever remembered as long, too long. The story is thin and is basically your average love story with a hiccup and some colonialism and greed being major ingredients. Pocahontas with a blue Gaia sauce, would be my one sentence to describe the story.  BUT the good part was the all encompassing overwhelming visuals and visual effect. It was dazzling, it was amazing it was like being swept up in a torrent of computer generated pleasure and power. The ride never really stopped, just had a floaty lull in intermissions, totally overwhelming. After leaving the theatre I needed an hour or so to get back to normal neuron synapse activity. WOW!

This movie shall never be a classic form  the perspective of the story, It should not ever be winning an Oscar for best movie. But it will be remembered for it’s further breaking ground on visuals. The credits read as a who’s who in cinema edge. Of course Richard Taylor and Weta where there. Their signature was clearly visible in quite a few key scenes. And I wonder if some scenes were ‘borrowed from ROTK. Most notably the scene with the horses coming over the hill. Very similar. Should you go to see Avatar? Not if you want a good story, not if you are in for a comedy. But if you love the advances in graphic design and movies and being swept up and entertained. Go, then it is worth it.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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