All white shock

So Sunday afternoon was spent nail biting! After they scored to 1-0 I was giggling my head off for about 10 minutes. You know when you giggle when you have just been shocked (boo!) That giggle. Just could not believe what I had just seen happening. My NZ friend in the UK sent me a SMS – she nearly crashed her car when she heard on the radio.
OK so it got to a draw but it was Italy the reigning champs. I am so utterly impressed. Just one problem arising on the horizon. What happens if they make it through to the next round? They may be playing the Netherlands then.
Can’t think if that now. Just concentrating and sending good vibes to the all whites


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to All white shock

  1. Gilraen says:

    trinewarming wrote on Jun 22
    We heard it on the radio – TOO funny!!! They’re not even professionals all of them! :o)
    My Italian office-mate at work was not too pleased – I tried not to tease him too much, but I am afraid I failed. :oD
    GO ALL WHITES! (and Denmark too!)

    gilraensurion wrote on Jun 27
    Sorry, both missed the last 16 :-(. Really sorry about the Danes.

    tyellas wrote on Jun 25
    The end result is so typical – NZ managed to not lose and also not win! They’re going to have a parade for them when they get back, to honor their being a grown-up global soccer team.

    gilraensurion wrote on Jun 27
    Yeah but they did so despite being little more than amateurs. Really it is quite feat they achieved. Compare to so called top teams like France and Italy. Both were playing with less enthusiasm, quality and lustre than the all whites.

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