Weekend focused on just doing as little as possible. Just letting all tiredness and stress come out and with it reduce the cold symptoms. Sleeping 10 hours a night. I think I am catching up on something :-).
In part the sleep deprivation was caused by the cold of course. In part by the formal dinner SO an I had to attend on Thursday evening. His Director General had invited us and about 150 others for a formal sit down dinner. It was lovely. We saw so many people we know and like. New commitments for getting together for dinner were made. Fun stuff, but getting home well after midnight and having a meeting in Amersfoort the next morning do take their toll then. It is on days like that that I feel I am not at 20 year old anymore.

Then this weekend of doing nothing. Of course nothing does not mean sitting idle. Prepared my presentation for the course, laundry and doing the very very final bit on curtains were all on the doing nothing agenda. But those are partially things that you do when you have time and not when you are running around like a headless chicken. It all goes at a glacial pace and I am loving it.

Tomorrow I work from home as we allegedly have a painter coming to paint the house. I say allegedly as this is the third time he says he is coming. We’ll see about that then.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Cocooning

  1. Gilraen says:

    delete reply
    toyotomi wrote on Oct 1
    Did the painter come this time?

    I recognize about the running around. We’ve been tidying our house for two weeks now, getting it ready to put it on the market. I’ll be glad when all is done with that. Just another busy weekend ahead…

    gilraensurion wrote on Oct 2
    OK I missed something Will mail/call you 🙂

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