Course and geocaching

Last week I had part two of my course. It was certainly better than the first installment. Part of it was due to the fact that I had decided on a much better coping strategy. I walked in the morning before classes in the forrest and also during lunch. Thankfully weather was good. It really helped me cope. That and the fact that I had packed clothes in my favourite colours. Feeling better in reds.

From the course I took the train to my parents place, only 35 minutes by train. SO arrived later by car. Unfortunately we’d suffered a break down in communications. I had put some my clothes to the side for him to take with him during the weekend. I thought I had communicated it as such. Clearly the receiving end had not registered the request, which can happen. This however left me without clean clothes for the weekend. My mother and I think very alike and we decided that SO had provided us with a clear great excuse to go shopping! We had fun, I bought some nice outfits and was very happy with the purchases. In the evening we had mussels for dinner and we managed to ‘trick’ my brother into being the host for the dinner party on boxing day this year. His GF loved the idea.

On Sunday we took my parents for a geocache. Mum is into nordic walking and her club had expressed an interest in it. So of course her response was; “my daughter and her husband do it, so I’ll ask” Of course we were more than happy to oblige with the wonderful autumn day. We went to a forest near to where my parents live. And off we went, just to find that we went wrong on the first spot. SO and dad saved the day and found what we needed. The dog in the mean time was having a ball running around and sniffing the new  leaves etc.

This cache had its clues well hidden and very elegantly worked with the environment. At waypoint 5 we found that the clue at the pond was hard to find. SO being very experienced in this game started searching the pond bank and came to the conclusion that it was on the little pole in the water, with a metal plate, with clue, facing the water. At that same time a man approached with his dog and stood there, we thought to avoid a fight between dogs and being very amused at this man photographing a pole with his iphone hanging over the water. In the end SO had to put his knee down in the cold mud to read the plate. Dogman was very interested and amused.

He asked SO a few things regarding our GPS bird and all of a sudden it dawned on us. He was the designer of this cache. It was so much fun to talk to him! He did warn us about Waypoint 6 being difficult to find due to the weather/season. He did give us his phone number to call in case this one was a little lost for us. About an hour later we met up again by accident and he told us it was there. Cool! So when we got there we could not find it and we did inspect every tree and pole there. We did find a real key, but that was not the clue – we suspected the clue was inconsistent with the other clues.  After passers by started asking questions on why we were inspecting all the little poles and trees we decided enough was enough. We called. As it turns our autumn leaves had not only covered the clue, but the colour was also completely consistent with its environment. We’d stood on it at least 6 times without seeing. So we thanked dogman profusely and went our merry way. Our dog was a lot less merry than we were though.

We found the cache point, now finding the treasure. We were taken by the waterhole there, Way too obvious but dad and SO managed to nearly reach new ground water levels before accepting that it was too obvious. By that time the dog was tired and lying on the (cold) ground and starting to make rather pitiful noises in the vain of ‘ please master, can we go home’ We had no clue and not about to give up. However reality was that mum, dad and dog were at the end. So we called dogman again. He was most helpful and I can’t say anything but what a brilliant hiding place. Mum and dad loved the find and we were happy to. Bit miffed that we had need the help but happy to have been able to show the whole trail and how difficult it can be. It is a multi-multi cache so we are hoping to walk the other 3 or 4 as well with my parents at some stage.

That night we had a quick meal at the local bearpub and went to bed happy and relaxed. Ready for another week of work. But these were a good few days.

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