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OMG – yesterday I ended up with a smile on my face larger than life and I had cramps in my jaws from shutting my mouth again after it fell open watching those wonderful show acrobats at the Cirque Du Soleil Totem Show.

Months ago I noticed all of a sudden again a sign announcing the arrival of Totem. Immediately I climbed into my computer to order tickets – dates were an issue for us and we prefer a Saturday matinee due to travel necessity (It is in Amsterdam). And this weekend that made that we could sleep in after the Seussical and still have a great day.

So I got the tickets I wanted as soon as I could. As they were sent by email they sat on my desktop for months. I was so looking forward to it! From last time I remembered that the seats way at the front are not always the best. So we were in row 8 this time. We managed to avoid the clowns and the detour to find our seats. Totem was better than Varekai and Quidam IMO. So far really the best show I have seen at Cirque du Soleil.

It was brilliant, dazzling and as it is the latest traveling show has made use of the latest possibilities in film and projection. The dance was wonderful. The music eclectic and ethnically inspired. The clown was very good, because he was not a classic clown. He was somewhere between a clown, a comedian and a pantomime player. I loved it.

Some parts of the music were well and truly reminiscent of a group of indians I encountered a few times in Denmark, (Trine knows which ones I mean). All in all there was as usual so much to see, so much to watch, so much to listen to and a totally wonderful experience. I really really recommend this show. Of course then there is the obligatory shopping. Unfortunately Totem uses a lot of greens and well they do not suit me So I had to make due with a mug ;-( No pretty clothes for me from the show. SO got himself a T-shirt. And of course we got the CD and a book. Listening to it now.

The matinee starts at 15:30 so we were not home until 19:30 and had dinner at our favourite Italian place. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening. And guess what? We still have a day off today! This is turning out to be a wonderful weekend.

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