Christmas sniffles

It was an easy Christmas for us. Leisurely we could prepare just the one course we were due to present on Christmas day at SIL/BIL. On chirstmas eve I prepared my soup. It was very easy to make. SO prepared as much as he could. The next day we slept in. Given that I have been very very tired the last few weeks this was bliss. That evening was pleasant As my nieces were at home they were relatively easy going and could go to bed when they were tired. Plus they slept in an instant. The rest of the evening was for the adults.

So then we get to the meal in total. We started with SO’s starter. These were lamb chops (prepared on rack)  on a bed of mashed potato and green asparagus. It looked lovely, tasted even better.

Then this was followed by my starter/soup. A beetroot soup with shitake, apple and bacon. Very colourful and indeed also very very nice.

As a main course we had Turkey. Now we all know about that sort of thing. When you order one and you think that would be about right. This is what my BIL had done. 5Kg for 6 adults and two very small children would be about right, right?

Right! Well no. The 5kg would have been fine if it had been including the stuffing. However the butcher prepared with as a 5Kg bird plus 3Kg of stuffing making it into an 8kg bird. BIL had severe difficulties to put it in the oven. It did fit………….just

We dubbed it the grobbekuiken (grobbechick) One of the characters in a childrens series Ti-Ta tovenaar.

It was huge! Needless to say we did not finish it. But it was very well executed, moist and wonderful. Desert involved chocolate cake and lemon sorbet icecream. It was a full on evening. SO drove as the weather was a little treacherous with black ice and us also taking his parents home.

The next day we went to my brothers for his christmas dinner. No turkey thankfully but just about everything else. My brother got tricked into doing dinner but he sure did pick up the challenge and he surpassed our wildest dreams. The three boys/nephews were pretty full on having fun. And boy were they funny. So much like my brother used to be. Strangely enough this time at the receiving end his appreciation of the fun was much lower.

Their starter was a mushroom.nut cake which was so nice that we asked for the recipe. The a light broth. Then the main course. The main can be described as abundant. Chicken, Salmon, Roulade, Ham on the bone, Three kinds of potato (gratin, boiled and pommes duchesse) and lots of vegetables. Desert was icecream and a cheeseboard.

My mother had told me that my brother had used all their own storage space and cooking place, plus a lot had used my parents oven and a lot of their crockery. My brother had bought new crockery as he did not have enough in one style to feed all of us. There was this weight that fell off his shoulders when we had finished. And of course he invited himself for christmas at our place next year.

We stayed over at my parents place that night. Unfortunately that boxing day evening I had started sniffling and that night I slept badly due to a blocked nose. So here I am. In the midst of the after christmas sniffles. I’ll recover but it is a bad cold. Thankfully SO is here and he is taking good care of me. I suspect I’ll be fine in a few days again. Not the week off I had envisaged though 😦


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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