NZ shoes

Well more like shoes for New Zealand. Today I spend more money on walking shoes than I would ever have considered before. Three reasons for that.

Firstly, my walking shoes/sneakers are starting to go from well used to skanky. OK for cycling they will probably keep me going for a while but I can feel when I walk that time and use has had impact.

Secondly, I walk to work a lit. From fairly regularly to now 2-3 times per week, sometimes even 4 times. At 10 km a day that is starting to add up. I need good walking shoes and taking into account the first reason this is consideration. If my shoes are not in order I know I will not enjoy walking to work as much as I do now. And for the record I love walking to work.

Thirdly, our upcoming holiday in New Zealand. As we plan to do a fair bit of walking I thought it good to have decent walking shoes that can stand a little of a bad road. And of course I need some time to ‘break’ them in.

We’d had a go last weekend, but I could not find anything that matched my requirements so in the end we decided to go to the beaver store this weekend. There it is walking/hiking shoes heaven. Most of it way over spec for me, but still nice to see.  One of the nicest things in the store that they have is the bridge. It is built of several types of stoney undergrounds. For instance badly cobbles road, gravel, odd steps and steep slate. Once you try on the shoes you can walk the store, but also need to take the bridge. This is a reat way to test them when walking on those surfaces and on an incline.

The first pair I tries were great on the feet, but I could feel every unevenness on the bridge so it was a no for me. Sad as they were actually pretty. The second too small at the front and the larger size to wide at the heel. I then found a helping hand and he, of course, recommended something that would protect my ankle. I insisted on lower. So in the end he found me a good lower one, that I liked and was a of a good enough quality and fitted perfectly. He did know what he was telling me. I opted to also try the higher ones with ankle protection. As expected they were not designed for my turbo calves and he had to admit defeat. It is something I know. I have only ever found one pair to be reasonably comfortable. My workshoes at Kato, but they have steel noses and hence are a bit too heavy for a walk.

Anyway, so I had found the right shoes and then I saw the price tag. Needed to swallow a bit as they were not cheap. But I decided given the amount of walking I do (see point 2) and the comfort I will need in NZ and that I expect them to last a few years that it was worth it. At the same store we found some spikes to put under your shoes when there is ice. I know winter is nearing its end and all we have at present is a huge storm, but you never know when you need them. Then had to drag SO away from all the nifty small things they invent for the trekking/camping people. Things like soapleaves etc. Told him we were not going to the Himalaya but to NZ and if he really wanted that we’d buy it there.

I now have two weeks to get my new shoes and feet well aquainted and then we are heading to NZ. It is getting closer all the time!!!!!


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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