Kuala Lumpur action

The first part of our trip is over. We landed in Kuala Lumpur. Traveling to Schiphol was easy peasy. Of course we bought some things at the airport. Mostly gadgets of course. For nstance a mini-mouse for our netbook and some presents for people.

We left with a delay, Of course after a day like that it was just the icing on a small cake. But we arrived reasonably on time. Tailwind I suspect. The flight itself was long but as it was businessclass a luxurious kind of long :-). We managed to secure business class tickets on SO’s airpoints. He’s had to travel a lot for work over hte years and this was in essence the reward for all that travel.

It must be said though. When we opened the armrest to get our TV we smelled acidified wine in the armrest. SO’s armrest still had half a glass at the bottom of the armrest. We did learn later how easy it is for a drink to end up down there.  SO spent most of the flight playing Plants against Zombies on his iPad. One of those games involving shooting and some fun. I watched Sex in the City 2. Not the worst movie ever, but the TV series was much more fun.

Of course there was food on our trip. SO had the venison and I had the Pike. Food served with real cutlery and even a table cloth. We had some turbulence and our response speed to it was well tested. This was a requirement to avoid the wine in armrest situation that seemed to have happened to the people sitting in our chairs during earlier flights. After dinner it was snooze time. Now there is a big different between economy and business class. Not so much for me, I have no trouble sleeping on a plane. SO however can’t sleep on a plan. So guess who was a sleep first? It wasn’t me. The chairs go for a 170° angle, so nearly horizontal, this is what made sleep for SO possible. Of course it is not a long deep sleep you have in a case like this (temperature differences are a killer) but it is sleep. You get woken up for breakfast about an hour before landing (apple pancakes) and you arrive feeling reasonably rested despite a 12-hour flight.

At Kuala Lumpur we had to organise our transfer at the transfer desk. Of course they needed our boarding passes form the incoming flights to get our luggage information for passing it on to Auckland. We, organised as we always are, could not locate them! Frozen look on two faces. “I thought you had”,” no you did”, “oh shit” conversations with our eyes followed. You know the type.  In a peaceful coldish corner of the airport we unpacked all our hand luggage, The SO managed to locate the tags in his the back pocket of his pants. We concluded that we were more tired than we’d given ourselves credit (or debit) for. Anyway we picked up the boarding passes for our next flight. SO put them in the yellow folder. I swear I saw him do it. The we went on to find the Malaysian Airlines lounge  When we arrived we needed to show the boarding passes, which we could not locate. No panic, where is the panic button? Shit, this is not a good start. I traced our steps back to the transfer desk; Nothing!  In the airport lounge they renewed our boarding passes as we still had our tickets and finally we crashed in the lounge. First thing to do; reorganise and check everything, then  a well deserved drink as it was very hot and start up the netbook.

SO undertook a shopping trip and he managed to get the original boarding passes back. Somebody had delivered them at the service desk. We finished our stop with a shower and some clean clothes. Apart from us making our lives rather a bit more difficult it is actually boring as.

News we are getting from NZ are still gloomy. No response from our hotel. Some good news was that P’s daughter had survived the quake (she’d been in Christchurch with her father) She’s now in Dunedin, as is her father. Somebody on my management course was in NZ but she has managed to adapt her plants and missed the quake. Other than that we can’t do anything at present. We did not give it much thought on the first leg of our journey. We still think the best approach is to see what we can do once we are in NZ.

As a sidenote in the lounge we were accompanied by a British Search and Rescue team. We suspect they will fly to Auckland with us and then on to  Christchurch. Just noticed; hotel website says, closed due to earthquake.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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