Windy Wellington

My friend E had made a short list of things were were going to see in Wellington. We were swept up in her social life and we loved it. We fitted in quite well if we do say so ourselves. We started with a lesson in American blueberry pancakes at my request. Now I have the recipe and know what to look for I can make those wonderful things myself at home.

E. and I went fabric shopping first. After all sewing is one of the hobbies E and I have in common, and started together holding each others hands as we tried new stuff. Unfortunately there was nothing special NZ enough to entice me.  Though I admit the silk at Sherazade did have a great pull on me. But it was very expensive as all silks are so I only bought some really nice big buttons.  Next stop was the home made jewelry market. There are stalls there and a lot of it is not very good, but some of it is really very nice. In the end I found a brooch I really did like and and I contemplated buying it E decided that this was the perfect gift for me and bought it for me.

Then there was lunch with E’s Wellington friends that wanted to meet us too. Two oft he friends T&S I had met before I distinctly remember decapitating bottles at their farm in 2004 or something. S as part of Civil defense had a lot of background stories to the earthquake and inside knowledge of the response.  Was very interesting. The food we had was Mexican. Really nice, the all in large quantities.

After lunch we went to the Weta Cave, Richard Taylor’s company. Richard Taylo is the man of all the digital and technical effects, costumes and wonderful stuff in ‘The Lord of the Rings”. But Weta is also responsible for“Avatar”, “King Kong” and soem other large ticket movies with special effects. These days Weta is one of most influential companies in NZ and highest profit margins. They gave a huge impulse to the high tech industry in NZ. They are located in Miramar, a rather awful and windy suburb of Wellington. As it was a cheap place when they started there. So somewhere there in some butt-ugly sheds and buildings there is this high tech and highly creative company that gave movie making a whole new impulse. They also had a fan at the gate problem; “please can we have tour’.SO to counter this they started the Cave. After all Wetas are cave animals.

The cave is there for the fans. It is an outlet and souvenir shop including a short 20 minute film on what Weta is and how it looks inside. The movie is updated on a regular basis and the man that introduces the film is completely up to day. For instance” Yesterday we saw James Cameron here to discuss two sequels for Avatar. Nice to know. At tthe cave a fan can find anything they wish really, with price tag of course. I bought a handmade copper Weta. A weta is an endemic insect. Totally harmless, but scary looking. The largest, rarest ones are 5-7 cm excluding their tentacles then it becomes a bit more. The copper Weta is small but rather cute. I just wanted something non expensive to remember this cave by. SO suggested to attach the Weta to our stairs. I like the idea! After a coffee with some more of E’s friends we went back to her place and relaxed.  Tomorrow E has prepared another full program including dinner. We’ll be trying to go to the South Island day after tomorrow. we just need to book the crossing. E has to work on Monday so if it does not work we’ll shift into a motel for the night. E. also needs to prepare for her trip to the US next week. Plus we are actually sleeping in her bed. She is sleeping on a floor mattress in the lounge. Extremely accommodating and sweet, but I do feel a little guilty.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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