Sunday in the sun

So has found himself a new favourite beer; Emerson‘s pilsner. The first time he drank it was in Wellington. Now he’s managed to find it bottled he is one happy camper. Emerson’s is a small boutique brewery so it is not for sale everywhere.  But my SO is on a mission. I love it that he has found himself a beer he rally likes. Today we also saw a mini brewery in Arrowtown. Very funny to see. It is really tiny.

So yes we visited Arrowtown. Arrowtown is oneo fo thoese places that scoes high on the Volendam scoring cards. According to SO it scores an full 8 on that scoring card. I think it is even higher. The whole centre of the town is a tourist trap even in the low season it is pretty bad.  It was very unNZ what I saw there but kinda funny. After we’d seen all the houses, shops etc we just laid in the part and did nothing. Well we watched what was happening around us and amused ourselves watching a flock of rather cheeky sparrows We liked it.

Of course it is not totally Volendam. It has a few must do’s. In the case of Arrowtown this is the Chinese village. Arrowtown was a goldmine town and many many Chinese men came too. They lived in houses about the size of a king size bed. Really tiny and dark. Some lived there half their lives on the edge of town. They hardly integrated and were not part of the rest of Arrowtown. Part of the Chinese houses has been rebuilt after the remnants were dug up. It is part of not a pretty history in this part of NZ. The Chinese had been invited as labour but they were not welcome really.

We also did a little of gold panning. Neither of us managed to dig out large out amount of the yellow stuff so after the holidays we’ll report back for duty at work. Mind you the panning is hard bloody work. You are bent over continuously in the hot sun with your arms in water. It is fun to do for about an hour.  On our way from Arrowtown to the goldpanning place we drove past the left overs for what seemed a huge car accident. The accident had happened in the gorge toward Queenstown. One car was totally crushed up and the other one was on the side of the road and was incredibly lucky not to have ended up diving in the river below.  We were quite silent for a bit.

That evening we had dinner at home in the motel. Really always dinner out is getting a bit much on occasion and a simple meal at home can be the best thing ever.  The weekend of no travel has been more than a little relaxing. We slept in and we recuperated. We really had not slept in since Napier really  We have had a full program everywhere, dealign with B&B times, check out times etc. It all is part of the story. We’ll see what we’ll do tomorrow. We have plenty of plans but nothing definitive yet


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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