A longish walk

As we’d fallen asleep so early we were up by 7.oo again. A new day, new exciting adventures. Yesterday we were offered to take the boat ferry to Port William. At Port William is the first hiking cabin on the circle track. Now the circle track is just not us. Thre days hiking not our cup of tea. But we are interested in one-day walks and by reversing this leg and walk back to half Moon Bay was a good one for us. Furhana considered it to do in about 4hours.  We are easy to deceive sometimes. So we said yes the next day. So we got ourselves some sandwiches and water and were ready to roll.

Same taxiboat as yesterday. It was very much low tide and the boat was almost under the jetty. This allowed us to see lots of mussels, barnacles and other shellfish that grow on the jetty. Really quite cool to see. Furhana was not joining us as this was an unguided walk  We were going to test the knowledge we gained yesterday. On our way there we were stalked by flocks of albatrosses and where they seemed special we go to the “oh another albatross” stages. We also saw a nuge number of blue penguins and some more shag. As you can see we even took a lot of pictures.

Port William is local slang for ‘crappy jetty with swinging ladder’ Not exactly easy or comfortable to climb but we managed. And from there it is bye bye and walkies. Every so wonderful and pretty. But really what can you tell about it. It is so amazing that words just do not capture it. Sure it is fun to have a swing bridge and swing it a little and to take lots and lots of beautiful pictures. But is is even more fun if things do not go according to plan. This is what happened at Maori Beach. We had decided to take the low tide path even as the tide was turning and we knew that it was.  It would have been no problem if it were not for a little creek that was getting to become a substantial creek. We did not want to turn back and take the high tide path. Too far. So after some dithering we took off our shoes and socks, pulled up our trousers and walked through the ice cold water. And we had to hurry as the tide was really coming in. On the other side we washed our feet wusing an emptied water bottle. So what do you do with the clean but very wet feet? Towel? None available. All of a sudden SO had a lightbulb moment Our buffs! The buff is usually used as a sweat.head band or pirate costume part and now as a towel. Very multifunctional such a buff. Within minutes we had our socks and shoes back on and were on our way for part 2 of our journey.

For my own peace of mind I had chopped the track in three parts. Part 1 Port William to Maori Beach. Part 2 Maori Beach to Lee Bay and part 3 Lee Bay to Oban Part 3 is over a sealed road. Part 2 was easier than part 1, due to less hilly terrain, but less hilly is something different than not hilly. At the 4 hour mark we were at Lee bay. This is where the other end of the anchor is. the other end from the part we saw in Bluff. Really quite cool to see. And from there it is sealed roads and easy peasy walking. Sure it is less interesting but it is only a short bit. Not? Well perceptive does do silly things. and horseshoe bay is formed as a horseshoe. So the other side really does not look far, until you walk it.  And then it is just one more hill up to Oban. That of course being Oban South. We needed to go over another hill, and then another. That was finally it! The last few little hills were not pretty, the were not fun as they were unexpected, painful and without much energy. In the end the whole walk took us 6.5 hours.  In part because we did look around a lot in the first parts that were magnificent. We made it without to much cursing and wishing the hiill to the other side of the moon etc. Once we had reached our hotel we collapsed. All we needed was a shower and then it is off the hill (ouch) to the restaurant to have crayfish Well deserved!


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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