They’ve sent me to this corner of the world

So after a long long trip I am here in Jeju, Korea. What did I need to do to get here.

I started off on Friday at around 1pm. I was heading out early to the airport just in case. After all you don’t want to miss the one plane that goes daily. Besides I was bored anyway, so I may as well have peace of mind and to be on time.

My flight was not until 17.45. Managed to locate all people involved. I was flying Economy Plus which is supposedly better than economy. To be honest; you leg room is a little more, but not much. Still no footrest, something I desperately need and the seats are at least one whole cm wider. Hardly worth the label Plus and the extra money. As per usual I slept/dozed through most of the flight, despite two Norwegians having a loud conversation behind me and the freezing cold plane.

Our suitcases could not be booked through to our destination so we had to pick them up at the airport and then race to Gimpo, the other international airport. As we’d missed the train we took a shuttle (expensive) and then all others had to check in for our onward flight. Not me, I only had to drop off baggage – I’d checked in, using the Schiphol internet facilities. Then there was peace for about 45 minutes, and time for a coffee. So we did not see much of Seoul. Most of what we noticed had to do with a thick layer of what seems to be fog and highrise apartment buildings. I admit usually around airports things are not the nicest, but we were glad we were not staying there. We were off to Jeju the Korean honeymoon island. Our second flight took about an hour and we landed on the island. Right where is the sunshine they promised us? Nowhere! Overcast and grey. Weather at home was better!

From the airport we took the special shuttle bus to our resort (oh yeah) An hour over good roads, not that interesting in my mind – Well not if you just had been to NZ. Around 4.30 we arrived at the resort, which was looking a lot less flash than in the picture. Granted weather was not helping. It is hardly the image of a semi-tropical resort due to the clouds.

My room is huge and luxurious. I have free internet and two double beds. Also a large TV with BBC world. One thing I could do with is a chair with a back as I am working on the computer a lot at present.

Weird things: A little tiny step up (mind your step) as you come in. From what I ca gather this is on purpose to tell you to take off your shoes. As you are not thinking someting like that you don’t have to remove them They’ll stay as you take a low level dive into the room. Just about all of us have nearly killed ourselves falling over that little ledge.

Then there is the toilet. OK in Korea they are a little different as they often have bided type things, but this one is gadget heaven with 8(!) buttons and heated seat. It is actually warm on there. I have tried to get it down but no luck just yet.

The lights are a mission and a half to find out how to dim them and switch them off without taking the card from the door thingy. In the end I found it. It is very similar looking to the phone, but instead it is a airco/light and alarm clock hidden in a drawer.

Sunday is my only day off. Well off is not really the right word Still a lot to do. So as my experts have a real day off and are running around the island I am working for the most part. Fine by me. I was hoping to sit at the pool later, but I think it is not going to work. It is there, but costs again money and really I am feeling to sluggish. May do later, but have not decided yet.

So far I am OK and the place is not bad, but it is a corner of the world. You can walk nearly to nothing. It is outside of town and though on the ocean has no beach. Would I suggest to any of you to go here on a holiday? Well no, not really. It is nice enough, but given how hard it is to get here, I would suggest there are places just as nice, and much easier to get to.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to They’ve sent me to this corner of the world

  1. Emily says:

    You’re so lucky that you can sleep on the plane! Also: I have bidet envy.
    Keep us posted if you have any adventures (that don’t involve the bidet). I am particularly interested in the food.

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