Wake up call

Waking up this morning was no picnic. In fact it was a thunderbolt that struck.

It was 9.45 when my dad called. We were still in bed, sleeping in from an intense week. He called to tell us that my mother had been admitted to hospital very early in the morning with what seemed to be a heart attack. She’d woken up with cramping in her thigh that did not go away and chest pain that increased. She’d woken my dad, who had called the doctors. An ambulance had arrived within 10 minutes. Paramedics made sure she was medicated before being moved to the hospital.

Needless to say that within an hour of being woken up, we were on our way to Zwolle. Needed to see my mum for myself, and for that matter to see if dad was doing OK.  By the time we got there mum was actually doing OK. She will have an angioplasty tomorrow. She is very lucky in that the heart seems to have had only a very short time without or with very limited oxygen.

We all (dad, brother, his GF, SO and I) visited in the afternoon. Told mum that I knew she wanted to see me after her holidays but that getting her way like this was a little extreme. She agreed that it was, but also noted that it had worked.

Anyway chances are she will be fine. She just managed to scare the hell out of everybody, including herself. We’re back home again now. SO has to pack. He’ll be away for most of the week.  I am tired, as it took until I saw mum to take away the stress. Glad I was not in NZ when this happened, but then again, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to return in the first place.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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5 Responses to Wake up call

  1. Trine says:

    So sorry to hear of your moms sickness. I am very glad it was not more serious!
    My father had a similar experience a few years ago, and has recovered perfectly, eventhough the psychological effects take their toll. The medication he has to take has a lot of annoying side effects and he does not handle that very well. I hope your mother will cope better – but she is almost bound to! :o)

    What a scary way to wake up!

    I am sending all the best wishes for you and your family!

    • miekje says:

      What a shock! Wish her all the best. Thinking of you and your family now.

      • Gilraen says:

        She is off the heart monitor now and in the standard wards. They are not in a hurry for the operation. I guess it means she is not in immediate danger. But they are going to test her more, echo and all other types of gizmoitic things they can do these days with their flash gadgets.

        As much as I want to say that I am not worried, it is not true, I am. But I also know she is in one of the best heart care centres in the Netherlands (according to Elsevier). Plus, of course, she is a tough cookie.
        I think she’ll be fine, but I do worry. Mostly of course as I can’t do anything and I have no control over the situation.

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