Did I hear this correctly?

During our stay in New Zealand I was kinda ill in the first week for a few days. Was feeling tight in the chest, coughing and sneezing. According to me, myself and I this was just a cold due to the stress coming off. SO was less sure of my highly educated guess.

Then in Franz Josef in our hotel my chest felt like it was caving in again. We even decided only to stay one night instead of the two we’d paid for. The heater had to stay on the keep the air dry, that way I could breath. This time I promised SO to go and see my GP after our holiday. According to me, it was just a fluke.

So off I went to the doctors. I told her clear;y that I felt there was nothing much wrong with me and that I was only there because I had promised SO. As she is his GP too she simply nodded and ordered a raft of tests. Thorax X-ray, lung capacity test and a battery of bloodworks. As it was very shortly before I went to Korea I had a difficult time getting all three things done at convenient times. After Korea my workload was such that I sorta forgot about it. Plus I decided as the doctor was not calling me, it could hardly be life threatening now could it.

A few weeks back, weather was more than a little muggy and we went skietsing. Wind was head one and my chest felt heavy. I could breath, but felt as if I could not expand enough to allow all air I needed. My friends suggestion of yoga breathing was a bit off. I’d been yoga breathing the whole way as it was the only way to keep going. On the way back everything was fine. Later we found out it was an extreme day for pollen. SO and I looked a each other and he asked if I had called about my test results.

Of course I had not. Nothing like a good old-fashioned ostrich attitude to things like this to keep one going. This was around my moms heart issue so hardly a relaxing time. So finally I called and asked for my test results. The assistant sort of matter-of-factly told me “oh nothing unusual, well yes you are allergic to dust mite, but”. “Come again? Allergic to dust mites? I am not allergic.” “Well here it says you are”  “Oh”. Let’s plan a telephone meeting with the GP then.

So I told SO I had an allergy, but I that I expected it to be minor and just in extreme cases. I am so good at fooling myself and being an optimist. Three days later the GP on the phone. “Well you score 4+ on a scale of 0-5, Your allergy is only just under the severest level”. “Oh-OK” (picture me slightly shell shocked). What is next? So off he goes and tells  me everything I already do. Given that my brother had a severe house mite allergy and on his youth nearly choked due to it, my mum taught us some things really well. For me it was natural to change bedding often, to have synthetic stuff, to keep windows open. Things I always have done. Also the fact that I do a lot of sports/yoga etc helped.  Doc did prescribe anti-histamine, but only just in case.

SO was also quite surprised at the level of my allergy. I admit some things do fall into place now. One of the things I have come to accept is that my symptoms differ from my brothers. I don’t go into that I can’t get breath mode much, but my eyes water (so I told myself always: time to see the optometrist) headache, glands swelling feeling as a throat ache starting, but never happening. A few sniffles in the morning sometimes. That is all I have. Seems I have managed to control the issue quite well trained by my brothers’ obvious allergy. Weird thing to thank your brother for but there it is.

So what is next now for me? Well I think mostly continue the good things that I do anyway. SO too has seen the good side of this. He’s eying up a Roomba – now has an excuse to buy it. We’ll see.

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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2 Responses to Did I hear this correctly?

  1. miekje says:

    Make sure you have a flu vaccination every year and yearly lung function tests. It sounds like it may be developing into asthma (educated guess by someone who has worked on these things). For instance, my cousin has a house dust mite allergy and asthma which is aggravated by cold weather and/or exercise. You might need an inhaler (nothing to worry about, they are very well researched and safe for long-term use). Allergies are strange: my brother seems to have outgrown all his, whereas mine are getting worse. I can no longer eat any Northern hemisphere tree fruits :-(.

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