LOL in this case is not that funny. In fact it stands for Lots of Laundry. Which is what SO and I are battling this weekend. Why?

Well it started just over a month ago, when I held my washing machine door in my hand. The door had been replaced, by a serviced, non original one, on the Friday after the weekend. SO had put it back on and off we went to do the laundry. Well two loads only as the machine made one hell of a noise in its end centrifuge cycle.  It made so much noise that we were afraid it would end up downstairs and that the neighbours would knock on our door to ask what the noise was all about.  So we called the washing machine place and ordered a mechanic to come round (Friday)- at significant cost.

He looked at the machine and starting unrolling the little foot – and basically told me that it had not been stable and that this had caused the noise. Seriously? I was so embarrassed about it. Anyway off I went to do another load, only to find that the noise had not decreased and called again. He’d come round that Monday.

SO and I decided that we wanted an original door as we thought that the replacement door caused the issue. That weekend we drove to The Hague and while we were talking I mentioned. “What if the door was only a symptom and the noise is much older” I recalled our cleaner telling me that the washing machine had caused a shock when started. I had put it down to communication (she is not Dutch) and being hard at work. But what if it had been the noise that we heard as well? SO deemed it highly plausible too. After all, I normally do the laundry when I am at work and take it out when I get home. So what if we simply had not noticed the noise, due to our schedule?

That weekend we were unexpectedly at my parents place and we talked to my dad about it too – just to take his mind off stuff. He immediately said; “Shock absorbers – they must have broken or are otherwise leaking air. It therefore did not come as a surprise that Monday the mechanic, following our instruction, did find that this was indeed the case. He ordered new ones that same day and hoped to install it on Friday (my precious day off)

Friday came and went. I called on Monday – They had been ordered. Called again on Friday. Told them that I thought two weeks wait for shock absorbers was a bit excessive. They agreed and followed up. I got a phone call a few minutes later; They had order the shock absorbers, but only one instead of two and the mechanic had been waiting on the non ordered second one. Right, and now? They’d ordered the second one and expected that on Saturday to arrive and would install it Monday. This was a relief as we were already considering the option of taking laundry to friends and family.

Come Monday – different mechanic (owner of the washing machine place) and he took on the task of repairing our washing machine. Big job and not easy. Turns out our balance weights had been shaken so hard that the bolts had come loose, one bolt had even dropped to the floor. The swinging weights had caused at least in part the huge noise. It took the guy so long that he had to return at night – as he could not finish it on time and other customers were waiting too. By 8pm things were back to normal.

So I loaded it with laundry – a small load only. Came the end centrifuge. It no longer sounded as if it wanted to fall though the floor. Instead it sounded as if it wanted to take off! Seriously it sounded as if it had acquired a propeller! That was it. I broke down. My bathroom had been taken over completely by all the laundry and we barely had enough clothes left to wear. It was absolutely horrendous. We were most grateful for the turn in the weather as it meant we needed to wear some less summery clothes. That night we said enough and tomorrow we are buying a new one.

That morning we went straight to the store and ordered a new one. Of course with new programs (steam, and extra short), Super eco and 8 Kg. They delivered it last Wednesday. We suspect that the problem just had been going on for quite some time and that it had affected other parts as well. We’d broken it ourselves without realising.

So as of Wednesday evening we have been doing as many loads as our laundry drying lines would allow. We should be back to normal as of tomorrow. Yesterday evening I spend 3 hours ironing everything and SO is doing his shirts today watching TV. So yeah we are having a LOL weekend.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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