A short break

SO and I had decided on a short break. This coincided with my fathers birthday over the weekend. So on Saturday we left for my parents, taking all stuff we’d need and a few bits more. We also took the bikes.

To that end SO borrowed his brothers’ bike carrier and after about 15 minutes the load was on there in a way we felt kinda comfortable. Have to say I was more comfortable than SO as it kinds wobbles on the back and it does not look too sturdy, yet it is. We spent the rest of Saturday with my parents and the next day celebrating my dad’s birthday with family and friends. It was cool to see my 14-year old nephew starting to take on the traditional cooking duties. Three generations were at work around the BBQ. A total family affair.

On Monday we took our leisurely road trip to Germany. We stayed in Domicile Lebensart. A small hotel just over the border into Germany. So had been there on a previous skiets tour, the one done in our first year together when I did not go with them (2007). SO had really liked it and had said he’d like to take me there one day. So this Monday was that day.

He was right, it is a lovely hotel, with very nice and hospitable staff. The room was huge, as was the bathroom. It is built in the old postoffice and has that rather grand and official look about it. In the back there is a lovely semi-Japanese style garden which, when sunny, is a delight to be in. Thar first evening is where we spent some time just being.

The second day we had decided we wanted to go to Ootmarsum. In part because my mother kept telling us we would have to go and visit as it was so lovely for art lovers. So while we were in the neighbourhood we decided to comply with my mum’s gentle instructions. Ootmarsum is renowned for its many galleries and high percentage of good artists. One of them is Ton Schulten and one of the others is Annemiek Punt. The former has been king-pin with his wife in making Ootmarsum as it is. A whole town tourist attraction revolving around art. I kinda like his paintings but if you see his works of art exhibited over three galleries it does become more of the same, just the colours seem to change after having seen the 60th of his paintings. There were a few different ones and we preferred those. Annemiek Punt however is a different story. She is a glass artist and I love glass. She made the last glass/lead window addition in the new church in Delft. Those of you that have visited have seen the window. Her own work though is even nicer, more fun and full of life. She makes a variety of forms, colours and shapes. She never bores, nor feels as if she is short for subjects. I love her work. Sad to say we only saw her stuff through the window as the gallery was closed on Tuesdays, but we may go back one day. We went to Ootmarsum by bike – to get there we took the short route – 12 km. The return trip was around 20 km and we arrived back in town feeling rosy and very happy.

The next day was set aside for Geocaching. SO had selected one that looked interesting, twelve waypoints, apart from the first one, none given. When we started it was rather easy, in fact we felt it was a bit dull. This changed at waypoint 5, which we had trouble locating. Our GPS bird kept giving us a direction and really there was nothing there. I did find it, but that was according to our GPS off given coordinates. Waypoint 7 was wonderful in its ingenuity and a case of know how to use your GPS bird. Waypoint 9 was our Nemesis. We spent over an hour looking for it trying every trick we knew, looking at different places, retracing, replugging the coordinates etc etc but no success. So we gave up – not good for our mood, but we got over it after a while.

Thursday was SO’s birthday and he was very happy with the pressies I gave him in fact he was very happy with it. What we were not happy about was the weather. We’d planned to ride to Nordhorn to see a textile exhibition, but we did not trust the clouds. It had been raining all night and we suspected more. So in the end we took the car down to Munster A lovely city I had visited in my schooldays. We wandered through town visiting the St Paulus Dom church and the Pablo Picasso Museum. Both were wonderful. The exhibition on Who is who was magnificent and such an interesting angle on the history of the art n the late 20th century. We really enjoyed it. In the evening we went to Augenblick restaurant. Locally the best restaurant. Our host had told us to get one of the Salads as they would be good. He was not mistaken The salad was wonderful, fresh and crispy. SO had his embellished with scampi and mine win duckbreast. In both cases cooked to perfection. So said all in all one of his best birthdays yet.

Today we drove home after chatting with our host for a few hours. She is just so nice. Just one little thing was nagging us on the way home. SO had found that he had been bitten by 3 ticks. I had removed them, but still there was worry. Chances are he’d caught them in his clothes during the geocaching but they had not bitten until later as they were still very small. He did go and see our GP with it, but all they could do is check if the beasties had been removed and tell him what to look for in the next few weeks. Chances are things are fine, but SO is not too happy with this find.

So for us two more days and then back to work – it has been a good break and really I have no inclination about going back to work. Wish I was off for a bit longer.





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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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9 Responses to A short break

  1. alissasart says:

    I am very much enjoying my visit to your blog! Thanks for your interesting and diverse shares – I’ll be back often.

    • Gilraen says:

      Thank you and I hope to welcome you more often – I have been to your blog a few times, because I enjoy your writings on art and your own art.

  2. draliman says:

    Glad you enjoyed your break! I lived in Germany for a while and found the people very friendly and welcoming, and the scenery beautiful (I was in Stuttgart and found the Black Forest particularly lovely).

    • Gilraen says:

      Germany is a lovely diverse country. We decided on this location this time due to distance. As it was only a short break we did not want to drive too far.
      Black Forest we’ll probably visit at some stage as well again. It is very pretty there I agree

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  4. Miekje says:

    We went ion holiday to Ootmarsum a few times when I was little, as my dad’s family is from the area. I remember camping holidays on a farm and lots of cycling through the woods. I didn’t know of Ton Schulten’s connection to the village. I do like his art; a good friend of mine once gave me a book of paintings and reflections by him.

    • Gilraen says:

      The Ton Schulten connection is from the ’90 so after your childhood holidays. Ton Schulten is good, but after three galleries full of his work you end up with total overload. Too much of a good thing is still too much 🙂

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