Yesterday was my birthday – with all the health issues we have been having lately we had not had our standard birthday bash together.

This caused some interesting issues. Firstly as we had planned to celebrate our birthday together SO has bought me my present early. But we cancelled the whole thing last minute due to SO being in too much discomfort due to his bruised ribs. Poor thing, he needed rest, not the whole family around him. I mean we love our family but they are a busy bunch when they are together. However SO was so excited about the present that he really wanted to give it to me.

So he did. He told me he had bought it early for me to wear at our little party, but could not contain his excitement until my actual birthday. Good call! My presents (yes two) a book about Annemiek Punt, the artist I liked so well in Ootmarsum during our holiday there recently and over and above that he’d bought me a wonderful necklace by her as well. It is not easy to get me to be totally speechless but he managed to do it – again. I totally adore it.

SO has a talent to remember little things. I had told him that one of my fondest memories about my grandmother making large puzzles and us the grandchildren ‘helping’ her. Just memories of sitting there with her in silence – her smoking like a chimney – and carefully placing piece to piece.  He remembered this. So when it came to my actual birthday I was not expecting SO to take a dive under his night stand for another present. A 1,000 piece puzzle of a Monet picture of a harbour. Me being speechless again. The picture reminds me in a sense of Papetti – specifically the harbour paintings he made.  Which is funny as Papetti mostly uses black and white in the harbour paintings, is industrial and Monet eliminating black and grey and with a focus on the landscape. But the feeling in the picture is very similar to me. The beauty that a working harbour has and the vastness of water. Anyway I love it. Now I have to make it at some stage. It will not be an easy one due to the limited number of colours and relative abstractness of the picture.

Then I had to get cake for work, which with most stores closed on Monday, is a mission and a half. That and the fact that it was pouring with rain. I, of course, succeeded in getting the cake in. From work I received an Alan Rickman movie DVD “Something the lord made” When I got home there were birthday cards and presents from my in-laws. For SO the book they were giving him for his birthday. For me flowers a pretty green vase and a cookbook, which I had asked for. And then there were the e-cards

That evening the front door bell rang. I assumed it was one of our neighbours, but no it was a huge bunch of red roses with SO hidden behind it. Need I say more – speechless again. That man is good at it! The roses are wonderful.

So all in all I as spoiled rotten by everybody, but mostly by SO. And I really do feel spoiled, very very spoiled. I love everything but most of all I love the thoughts and love behind the presents.

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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