Wham bam

In my hometown a train tunnel is being built. It means that certain parts are in a complete mess and yes this has now been going on for nigh on two years. We have a few more years to go with the mess.

This weekend train traffic was stopped to and from our town. Some tunnel walls needed to be drilled into the ground, close to the current track. So the work could only be carried out when there were no trains. Given that the track handles about 10 trains each hour each way (in total around 350 per 24 hours) that means lock down. Given that the public transport in all major cities was also down it meant very little public transport for us this weekend. Oh well that means a nice weekend in doesn’t it?

It is the right approach but it was not very nice. The wall drilling, as it turns out, they carried out during the night. With the fog and prevailing wind it ended up being rather noisy for the whole city. In fact according to twitter it was heard two villages over. We are on the side of the city that usually does not hear anything but last night we heard each wham, each bam and let me tell you it was as if they were drilling right next to our front door. Every time it lasted for about 10 minutes and then it died away for 20 and then it came back again.

Around midnight it became really really bad and SO got up to check out what on earth was going on. We had not realised where the noise came from and it just sounded as if something was about to explode. He found nothing but came home really really cold. We did try to sleep but were woken a few times by the drilling. We ended up not having a good night and our heads feel as foggy as the outdoors looks. The drilling is scheduled for another night, so we hope the wind will turn and we will have a good night sleep tonight.We sure need it.

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