Fabric scheming

After some mild scheming from my side I managed to get some of my sewing class to go with me to the stoffenspektakel. Just like last time, my sewing buddy M. was joining me, but also my sewing teacher A and our male sewist Y. After all I did mention that my fabric stash was getting a bit low so I really needed to go 🙂

Last time I went it was in Ahoy – Rotterdam. It will return there next month, but this time they included Rijswijk, which is closer to home and easier to get to for me. An added bonus that this one was on the weekend, the Rotterdam one on Friday. A. offered to drive us. Y. has to come from a different city so he drove himself and the three ladies agreed to get together at our sewing studio at 11.30.

In a moment of complete scheming stupidity I came up with additional enticement to come. I promised muffins! So then I had to make them of course. I made banana and walnut muffins and double chocolate muffins as I wanted to offer a little variety. It is what I spent my Saturday afternoon on. After all as I explained I had plenty of time to do so.

When I arrived today at the sewing studio M. called to say she was coming by bike as she wanted to get some exercise. So it was just A and me that went by car. Man it was busy at the even thall!! We drove round and round to find a parking spot and in the end local knowledge made us see that the best place to park was on the other side of the motorway. It was just as far as any other parking spot that we were going to find and this one was free too. As soon as we arrived we found Y, M arrived shortly after. I knew Y and M had some specific fabrics in mind (as did I) and A was not going to buy anything (yeah right).

This stoffenspektakel was smaller than the one in Rotterdam. In part as the hall is smaller, but also because some people were not there. We decided to start with lunch, my muffins which were deemed rather acceptable. In fact the chocolate ones were deemed divine and the banana ones healthy and good food. So we had a good base to start with.

The hall being smaller made it slightly easier to choose (ever so slightly). Y managed to locate fabric he wanted and bought 10 m of it (for a full three piece suit) and called it a day He was due to attend a lecture for Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, so had to leave early. M. and I went into buying mode after he left at some of the stalls that we had met before in Rotterdam and had treated us well. See not all of them treat you well. Sure it is busy sometimes, but do make sure then that there is more than one person. And do make sure you can use electronic payment facilities otherwise I don’t buy. It is simple. So I have already established a list of favourites.

So Reuver stoffen and Claeys, aka the Belgian were top of my list for spending money. In part as they are not cheap, but they have good fabric, good service and something different to add to the big mix of fabric that everybody else has. Specifically Claeys has magical fabric, but the price tags are somewhat magical as well. I saw some great stuff but at €50/m I chickened out. I ended up staying within my budget (just) and M overspent marginally by €10. A , as expected, could not resist the fabric, but did not buy a whole lot, only three bags full. I ended up with 5.

In between we had coffee with more muffins and our mobiles were used a few times to locate each other. It was great fun and great that it was so close. Only 20 minutes to get there instead of an hour, so it does make a difference. A kindly drove me home.

I do notice that I distinguish more and more between cheap and expensive fabric and that I often already know what I want to use it for and how much I am willing to spend on it as a clothing item. It does mean that I am willing to spend more on quality fabric and and outgrowing my cheap lots of fabric thoughts. This time things should be reasonably fast. In a fair few cases I already have the pattern, just need to cut and sew. That saves huge amounts of time. Looking forward to starting.

So what did I get?

  • Black cotton/poly blend – 2 m- wants to be a skirt
  • Grey wool/poly blend – 2 m – wants to be a pair of pants
  • Sea green thin cotton – 3 m – wants to be a table cloth
  • Purple tricot – 1.5 m- wants to be a skirt (which I will overlay with some lovely see through fabric I have
  • Grey tricot – 3.5m- wants to be two pairs of yoga pants (seriously need those – top of the list)
  • Printed cotton – 2x 1.5 m – want to be aprons
  • Printed tricot – city scenery – 1.4 m – wants to be a top
  • Printed tricot – butterflies – 3 m – wants to be a dress.

Oh yes and of course the muffin recipes used:


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5 Responses to Fabric scheming

  1. Emily says:

    Oh! Loving the fabric with the butterflies! And the cobalt and teal hues will look wonderful on you. Wish I could have been there.

    • Gilraen says:

      You would have loved being there :-). The butterfly fabric I saw in three stalls and I simply fell in love with it. So in the third stall I gave up, decided that it just wanted to be with me and took it home.

  2. clutterbug2011 says:

    Wow you’re talented! Able to make all those items, I wish I could sew well, I was able to make my lil man’s Halloween costume (Mickey Mouse), but that’s the most adventurous as I’ve been 🙂

    • Gilraen says:

      Pretty impressive to do a Mickey Mouse! But as with anything it is a case of doing it, doing it, and to do some more. Really it is not that hard, but you need to train yourself and work your way through it.

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