Articles can make blogposts happen

Part of my job is to read, read a lot. Keeping up with current topics within my field Granted sometimes this ends up finding things not related to work and form an inspiration for a thinking process.

Recently I found.this one on different types of job interviews that actually give a different view of a candidate, but I think it is good to think up answers to those as a thought process and a bit of a mirror. The first part is about listing highlights, low points and turning points in your life and how you dealt with it. Now this really gives an insight in how a person works I think. Most certainly given the current crisis. How people deal with that is important.

The second part is the part I liked better for blogging purposes at least. It is: the candidate selects five famous people they admire and need to explain why and what you feel that says about you. Oh I liked that and set pen to paper to write down my five famous people and discuss them on my blog. Only to find that I drew an almost blank on it. Odd? Well no. There are plenty of people I admire except they are not famous, they are people I know and are important to me and have had a profound influence on my life.

When it comes to famous people I come to the conclusion that I admire parts of them. Achievements and some of the history that I am aware of. However I see this as something totally different from admiring the person. I do not know the person as a whole, they could well be totally irritating and nasty, but still achieve something to admire. I mean I can admire something or an achievement, but in order to admire a person I need to know them.

The other conclusion that I drew that it is often not one famous person that has achieved things that appealed to me, but often couples or small groups. Rarely would it be a person on their own, usually there is a person behind it just as important. As an example; the father of microbiology Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, would not have been as famous and well known for this discoveries had it not been for his friend and physician  Reinier de Graaf. The same is true for twice Nobel price winner (Physics and Chemistry) Marie Curie, a woman with real backbone and so important. She and her husband Pierre were one hell of a team. Sure she continued to gain more and her star kept rising after he died, but by that stage she had achieved standing within the scientific community and had bagged her first Nobel prize with Pierre (and Henri Becquerel). In a way he was still the wind beneath her wings that made her soar. More in our time Richard Taylor for instance always credits his full partner in art, business and life, Tania Roger, for 50% of the Weta achievements. He is the face of the company and sometime she is forgotten as an equally real force at Weta, at least the outside world seems to forget it.

Many famous people have somebody (or somebodies) behind them that make them fly. So if you admire a person it means always having to take into account the package that is the fame together. And with that I have already mentioned three/six people that I feel deserve admiration for achievements in very different fields and times and very much in a different way. The ‘other’ party often less well known/famous, but most certainly as important.

But just to point to famous people for admiration I don’t know if this is just. So many people are famous for being famous only. Not because they achieved anything themselves. There too a team effort is in place, but the goal of the team is fame and greed, not to achieve something useful.So fame in itself is not something I deem important. However in the setting of a job interview I can see why, that way the chance of the interviewer knowing the person is greater, but I am not sure if it would give the right picture.

The real people that I admire are those that are close to me, people that do not head to huge fame, but do make a difference. A difference to me and there are very many more than just five people that I can list. Some of them are readers of this blog that have made a lasting impression on my life, my parents are a people I admire, even though they drive me round the bed on occasion – parental prerogative I guess. And one other that should be on that list of five and without being famous is my SO.  He is not only the man that I love, but also admire for many many reasons and so he would be on my list no doubt about that. After all he needs specific admiration for putting up with me and still loving me as well as he does.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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