Funny bird

Today we went walking as an aid to stress relief and to ensure we got outside and fresh air. SO did not feel like going for a run or a skate, so a walk it was.

Not far from our house there is a small water lock. Coots are usually there in abundance. One of them was building its nest but I think he was not quite up to masterbuilder spec.  We saw the coot pulling the piece of wood from one side of the water to the other. It looked so much like a dog pulling a log that was waaaay too big. The stick is approximately 4 coots in length. Then he tries to pull it onto his nest, swam away and turned back and had a look on the esthetics of it all. He decided it was not quite right, went back and re arranged the stick – sticking out from both sides of the nest. Then the coot went off to get more building supplies. We thought it was hilarious and it made our walk ever so much more enjoyable. We have a little movie about it, but alas, I do not have the upgrade to show you all 😦

Oh and when we walked past about two hours later walking back the stick was gone. I assume ladycoot gave it a veto.

21/4 added the you tube link

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