Keeping up with life, the relaxing way

Phew life has been whirlwind fast and busy. Hours, days fly buy with me just not knowing where they went. For one they went with a computer at work that spat the dummy four (4!) times in the middle of important and urgent work. I was beyond steam coming out of my ears. Thank heavens for autosave and spare (that have to reload your profile etc) computers. It is not good for your mood and relaxation.

But they also went on a double sewing class, yoga, cycling (skietsen) and walking. Definitely more enjoyable. My walking to work is now quite well know with my co-workers and for some reason they marvel at it. Really it is just a case of putting on foot in front of the other. The other days I was again asked about it. Why do I do this. Well because I like it. One of my co-workers said but it is not a pretty part of town, though the inner city she agreed is nice.

But it got me thinking. No at first glance it is not a pretty part of town. Most is high rise flats and the huge city ripping building site and yet it is pretty area, You just have to look at it and see what is really there. For instance in between the high rise flats there are small waterways which are somewhat left to their own devices. Nobody really takes care of it. It is there that interesting things happen. The seasons change the flora almost on a daily basis. It is never quite the same. Birds at present are nesting there and some parts a cacophony of bird sounds. The waterways are full with ducks, coots, swans and the occasional goose. The mix changes almost daily.

You see the wonderful parts of nature – and the not so wonderful parts. The ladyduck that is nearly drowned and viciously raped by two male ducks. Awful. But she did manage to escape and swam under water (never saw that before) under a bridge. But it was not her day. On the other side of the bridge she came up. Right next to a coot nest! MrCoot made clear her visit was not appreciated. Poor poor thing, first being hammered by male ducks then chased away by a coot.

What I also see because I walk are the daily changes on the building site. It is amazing what can change over the course of one day. And though it is not pretty is is amazing and never dull. You really get a connection with how this huge project is coming along. The project and its complexity never cease to amaze me. I am truly in awe by how it is coming along, though I am not happy with the delay in schedules ;-). I even like the free grafitti wall I pass. Every day there are new paintings. I don’t like all of them, but we do have some good ones and it is always different, never dull, always smelly.

The inner city changes too with season. At present it is touristy. Flocks of tourists manage to be exactly where I need to go 🙂 People get lost and need help – which I am happy to provide. People in awe of what I consider normal. People sometimes smiling because of the new stuff and people just very very tired of seeing yet another city in their 17-day tour of Europe. Next will be the new intake of students which give a hole different vibe. Then the calmer tourists in autumn and the christmas lights and the silent hibernation in winter with, if in luck, a winter snow wonderland.

On the way people that you encounter walking on a regular basis say hi. Dog owners but also that cranky teenager defrosts when she sees you smiling. Co-workers cycling past shout ” see you soon” or “have a nice evening”. It is as if by slowing down, enjoying your surrounds and relaxing you gain more of an identity. You sort of step outside of the crowd.

No my walking trip home is never boring, But you have to be open to that what is surrounding you. Learn to see and soak up the beauty of  change. And it is that fact that made that despite the full on, far too busy week I am able to walk home and a co-worker saying to me: “I saw you walking home last night at the little tunnel. You looked so peaceful and happy just walking. You seemed to enjoy yourself tremendously”. She was so right.


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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