New gadget time

I am a geek, I am a nerd and I am proud of it too. Today my geekness took another step forward. You see as of today I am the very very proud owner of a  Garmin Oregon 450t!

Yes I bought my own GPS device. Sure we have the Garmin e-trex Vista but it is getting a little old. It is not really capable of what I want it to do and that is using it for biking. The screen is too small, the maps too old and it just does not have the memory it needs for the cards and software I want to use.

Ever since I decided that I wanted to buy myself a GPS  bird I have been looking around on line and asked some people in the know. Amongst these people of course SO. He was most surprised and happy that this is what I wanted to buy. Like me he did some browsing on line and we both compared some stuff. Our friend recommended without any hesitation to get the Montana.

Yeah but that Montana is even more expensive and larger, in fact it is huge. SO suggested to go to a specialist store today. Basically so I could see them for myself and compare. I thought it an excellent advice so off we went to the gps shop. It was busy there and we had to wait a little while. By the time that it was our turn I had decided that no way I was going to buy the Montana. Way too big for use in geo caching and I wanted it both on the bike and handheld so that was most certainly a no go. Of course the salesman turned to SO. Until the guy all of a sudden noticed it was me talking not him. HE really needed to adjust to the fact that a woman was buying such a device. It was funny to see. But he did know his stuff. And he did draw the right conclusions.

He got the Dakota, Oregon and 62S out as ones that fitted my outline.  I liked the 62S because it has buttons – but that did not last very long. It was after five minutes I actually found it almost as frustrating as with the e-trex! The Dakota I though cute, but really the screen is small just a notch up from the e-trex. So though it was nice it was not my choice. So the Oregon got the thumbs up. I went for the t version as it has a topographical map of Europe, which can come in handy for a holiday when we want to geocaching.

I also bought a biking map which is routable and a bike holder. It is fun to learn as there is a lot that I need to learn really. New software, new things, but I have to admit the Oregonis much more user friendly than the old Vista.  I am ever so happy and SO loves seeing me busy with this stuff. He’s said he’s ever so proud that I want to do this myself and not asking him to sort it out. But then again it is my machine, not his and I need to know it 🙂

GPS for tracks

GPS for tracks (Photo credit: _Pixelmaniac_)

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