Pizza paradise

Slowly but surely I am emerging from this thick fog that this cold caused. The whole week I have been home. The first few days tired as anything and barely able to watch the TV. Wednesday I found a new nasal spray that also helped against a runny nose. The first time I used it my nose cleared and keeled over and slept for two hours solid. Just what I needed something to help me sleep. As long as I sleep I know I will get better. So from then onward I was getting better.

Today was my day of well I am really good enough to go to work but it is Friday and a bit of extra rest won’t harm day. I finally got to do a little more than sitting around, namely the ironing :-). I also got a present for my SIL’s hen party ready, which is tomorrow. But I also felt well enough to get cooking again. When I whatsapped SO, he suggested pizza. Oh that sounds like a plan. Our skill set is not quite pizza happy so we do need practice.

I made the dough about an hour before SO arrived home, and also started the oven to ensure that the stone was very hot. I started rolling out the pizza when he arrived. A four cheeses pizza. Cunningly I had put the dough already on the happy-pizza-in-the-oven-help-scoop-thing. Oh did it look lovely. As I lifted it a few bits of cheese were a little over the rim of the pizzascoop an fell off. Oh well. With a little effort the pizza was in the oven – sort of.  Sort of as it was still on the pizza scoop and it did not want to get off! I wiggled and I jiggled and it stayed! With lots of efforts for SO and myself with additional utensils we managed to get it off the scoop. The price was high. A crater landscape with ingredients resembling pizzadough and cheese was visible in the oven. In fact a train wreck would also be an apt description. After about 15 minutes we scraped it out of all corners of the oven into a bowl. It looked like a cheese mash with delicately placed placards of pizza bottom sticking out. The cheese itself tasted fine (never anything wrong with melted cheese) but it was a gloepy, goey, unappetizing mess. Into the bin it went.

The second pizza was different. We used a wooden utensil this time. Much better. We wanted to mimic one of our favourite pizza’a with mince meat. For safety sake I decided to brown the mince first. Should not have done that. The pizza went into the oven like a charm and was baking like a charm. When we got it out of the oven the bottom of the pizza was a pizza dream. The top however was burned. Very unappetizing yet again. Bin material again. Thankfully we have a good sense of humour and laughed our heads off.

In the end we did have pizza………………… from our local Italian restaurant where they had a good laugh about it. As the owner said. “Just leave the pizza to me and we’ll both be happy”. I am not giving up though we will make our pizza paradise one day, just not today

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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