Another lovely wedding

Yesterday my BIL and SIL got married. The wedding was so them and it was nice, laid back and family oriented.

BIL and SIL decided that after a long time together and two daughters to get married. They announced it last new year. Which did not give them a long time to today. But with the help of a good master of ceremony, some advice from experienced people and the good mood of the fortune fairy things fell into place exactly how they wanted them.

As usual we were busy as anything right up to the wedding. SO was away on business to Rome and did not arrive home until Friday evening. But the good thing was that on Rome airport is a really good tie shop by Salvatore Ferragamo. Two years ago I had bought SO some ties there when I was in Rome for a meeting. So this time he had taken some of my dress’ fabric with him and selected to perfectly matching tie. Some of his co-workers helped him in the selection. They were most impressed when SO mentioned that I had made my own dress (to be reviewed in another post). I spent Thursday and Friday (apart from working) getting the stuff together for our Sunday morning surprise for the happy couple.

On Saturday morning SO had to pick up his suit at the dry cleaners as his arrival in the country had been well after opening times. We then picked up the bouquet at the florist. I was speechless when I saw the floral arrangement. I swear SIL, BIL and I had not discussed it but the flowers were the ones in my dress! In my dress they are hot pink, the bouquet was dark purple, which is the background colour of my dress. Seriously it was spooky how well it matched. Once we had all the flowers we went to my in-laws, to pick them and BIL up. BIL looked smashing in his wedding suit, outwardly calm but still tense. MIL was jittery as anything. She probably was when we got married as well but then we noticed it less. In two cars we drove to the party centre where the in crowd was picked up by an old timer Cypriot bus. We certainly got a lot of attention in that thing.

With this bus we went to see the bride, the two bridesmaids (nieces) and the brides support staff. BIL loved seeing his bride. He beamed, she beamed and well that is all that matters. As SO and I had been instrumental in the choice we asked if we had been helpful and had done our job properly in ensuring it fitted together.  Oh they were most happy with how the other half looked. BIL and many guests commented on how wonderful the dress was and how pretty SIL looked. We also met up with the photographer. They’d chosen the same photographer as we’d had. A nice showing how good work can create more work and word of mouth. The next couple to be married (Friends of BIL) were interested in how his pictures worked out too as they have not booked a photographer yet.

We had a light but wonderful lunch at the house and then it was back into the bus, off to city hall. We had to take the long way there as due to all building of tunnels and bridges the bus is too heavy for some roads. It is amazing how many people wave when you are in such a nice bus with balloons and everything.

The ceremony was totally them and my nieces behaved beautifully in their pretty dresses. It was a full house with lots of friends and their children, which made it entertaining. BIL was rather emotional, just like his brother had been at our wedding. SO was his brothers witness so we got to sit way at the front it some of the best seats. One major difference with our wedding was of course that BIL and SIL did wait until the celebrant said you may kiss the bride, whereas we did not. After the ceremony, when they left city hall, all children were blowing soap bubbles which looked so playful and colourful. Plus it kept those critters very happy too.

From there it was back into the bus to the party centre where the cake was cut. The cake was simple, but the top decoration made me laugh. Sure I had expected bride, groom and the two girls, but they had also included the two must have cuddle toys for the kids. So terribly cute to do that. Cake tasted good too, though I am still no fan of the thick sweet frosting, but that is just me. Later in the afternoon people started to come in. A lot of them we knew, more we did not know, including SO’s cousins. For the 50-odd children there was a huge multi play air castle to jump around in. Result? Happy playful children (exhausted at the end of the day), relaxed parents and only happy screaming of joys. Only one or two bumps and it made it so utterly relaxed for everybody. They had a modern day troubadour which gave nice intimate atmosphere and still some music. He also did a stint for the littlest children with children’s sing-alongs and really that was so endearing to see, them singing and dancing to those songs we even grew up with. The weather (apart from one short but huge shower) was magnificent and most people sat outside. Just as my BIL and SIL had hoped. A large garden type reception. The party centre was extremely well organised, warm and friendly. It suited us all so well.

After the reception the immediate family and some close friends went to the house again where a top catering company served us bib to Michelin-star worthy dishes. Lovely food, great catering and good company, including ms vocal, who is in daily use much better than by e-mail. We had a lovely time. Of course we know many of their friends, some of them have been their friends since before the dawn of their relationship and for us they tend to be good acquaintances. But it was different from a birthday. It was a whole day and we really got to know some of them better and/or reconnected (SO mostly). We even got an invitation out of it :-). My youngest niece was whisked off to bed halfway through and she slept before her head had hit the pillow. She had been such a happy little camper all day but she was totally worn out with all impressions. My eldest niece played with two of the elder children (niece is nearly 5, the other 6 and 7). The played dress up and though they played in between us all, they were not a nuisance. It was just lovely to see them darting around between us all. I told my little nice that I was really proud of her that I thought she and her sister had been really been great little bridesmaids. She got all shy and blushed a little when I told her that I had been so proud of her.

We finished it off around 22.00 and took my in-laws home. But it was not over yet. SO and I had a really early start this morning as we had another surprise for the couple. We made a huge basket with lots of nice little breakfast things. Buns, boiled eggs, jam, sprinkles, placemats, serviettes, juice, and champagne. We also included their gift and a hint to the gift by QR code. Traditionally people often give money here, but another well known kinda cliche gift is a salt and pepper shaker. There is even a legendary comedy sketch about it, which is the hint under the code 🙂 (see video). So that is what they are getting, but a nice set, a really really nice set.  We arrived at their house around 07.45 and BIL opened the door, totally amazed. We handed over the basket to a stunned BIL and went straight home. Happy, and now somewhat tired.

All in all they are now married. It was a wonderful party and we could not be happier for them. They are a lovely couple and a happy family. The funny thing is that all memories from our wedding day are flooding back. An old friend of the in-law family said to us; “you look like you guys would just got off and marry again”. And yes that is true. Both SO and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Not only because of the wedding, but also because we love being married to each other.

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4 Responses to Another lovely wedding

  1. draliman says:

    That sounds like such an amazing day! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
    I attended a wedding in Southern Germany a few years ago and and I was blown away at how amazing and family/friends-orientated it was, with lovely speeches, little mini-plays and so on. It was quite a different experience to a British wedding.

    • Gilraen says:

      Every wedding should really reflect the people in it and is also a reflection of cultures. This wedding was so much how I know my BIL and SIL to be. Their girls are the centre of their universe and they love children and lots and lots of family.
      Where I am from the weddings can be more rowdy sometimes., I have also attended weddings being somewhat akin to a beerfest :-). I have also attended an more old-fashioned traditional wedding from a co-worker. Yet it suited her and who she is.

      I enjoy the fact that I have seen many a wedding and none was the same. But the best ones are the ones where the personality of the people shines through the festivities and takes precedence over doctrine of what others think a wedding should be like.

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