Take the long way home

Preparation this holiday is not been a strong point. Usually little organised me likes to have everything well….. organised. So we have chores to do before we leave on Tuesday. Plus we are in the middle of birthday mahem (4 birthdays in 6 days).

As we are away for a few weeks I decided that this was the perfect time to have my sewing machine and overlocker serviced. I’d called ahead and SO and I dropped them off. It is about half an hours drive to the good store (the one virtually next door to us is not a good place).

We’d decided that we’d combine it with buying new running shoes for SO. As can be expected he needs new ones on a regular basis and you want to change them before the cause injuries. This place is usually about a 40 minutes drive north of my sewing machine place. And when I say usually I mean usually, but not yesterday.

From the sewing machine place we took the motorway, only to find that there was a traffic jam about half way or where we needed to go. Thankfully there is a shortcut over a provincial road and SO took the offramp to that road. We crossed the fly over and SO tried to avoid the long queue in front of the traffic lights to take the outside lane, just to drive back onto the motorway back to where we came from. We now realised why there was no queue in that lane.

SO decided that the next off ramp should be taken and that we would take the wee little back roads, that are really back roads. Fine with me, sounds like fun. In the the mean time the navigation system kept telling us to take the next one off ramp, plus fly over and again take the motorway. SO was clear on the matter. “I am not going back on the motorway” in that tone of voice where I know that resistance is futile. Besides a little sightseeing in our little country is always nice and we had the time.

Off the motorway we went and worked out way on our basic geography knowledge of our area and drove opposite to what our poor navigation system kept telling us. Another long queue of cars and SO decided to turn right where we could drive. He was right we could drive there….. into a residential area……. with no other way out. Of course we ended up on the road where we had started avoiding the queue.

But as we progressed our navigation caught up with our intention and told us where to go. Thankfully this was in keeping with our pigeon honing idea of where to go. We dutifully followed a road which seemed to sort of follow the motorway direction and we pretty, with houses on one side lake on the other. The prettiness factor disappeared when the navigation system told us to go straight ahead but the white and red road bollard told us not to. We turned around……….again.

Next we found a sign going to a village near to where we needed to go and took that turn. Navigation system agreed with us after a few kilometers. After about 6 kilometers we ended up on the provincial road we had intended to take. Ah this was looking good! We also found some new cycling paths perfect for skietsing, which we will have to investigate next year. The navigation system then told us to turn left to get onto a main road. Except that this was now a cycling path and we couldn’t :-). This was getting too weird,  our search for the right way continued. Of course every time something happened we just laughed it off. I mean it was getting a bit much.

Thankfully we ended now petty much with the town we needed on the traffic signs and all was well. In town we followed the navigation system again. We were only a kilometer or so away from our destination, what could possibly go wrong. Well since 2009, the year of the map in the car, a barrier change had happened and instead of going straight ahead as navigation wanted, we were forced onto the motorway away from the town. The town, though much bigger does not have a secondary off ramp and we were forced to drive to the next town, do the fly over there and drive back.

Finally from thereon it was an easy peasy, but we did not want to jinx it and said nothing much about where to go. But we did get there and SO did get his shoes. In the end the whole trip – usually about 40 minutes – took us over an hour and a half I think.
Great training for the holiday and great views. Just as well we had not pressing things to do that day 🙂


About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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