We’re off

Finally we are on a holiday. Something we are not really used to, but we were very excited as we left the house. First a taxi to the station two trains to the airport and then we were really off.
The plane ride was only just over an hour but with every minute it felt more like holiday. After an hour plus we landed in Edinburgh. Our destination for this holiday is Scotland.

Why Scotland? Well I am a little of an anglophile. I have spent many a holiday in the British Isles and even lived there for a year. But on all my travels I never went more north than the Lake District. I always fancied seeing Scotland, just never got round to it. SO had visited Aberdeen for work. The fly in-meet-fly out type trips, but they hardly count as a visit to Scotland. So he was keen to see this new (well to us) place as well.

We arrived quite early and were reasonably quick picking up our car so instead of finding our B&B we decided to visit Stirling Castle – On my list of must do things; Stirling Castle is situated majestically on top of a rock. It just ticks all the boxes for a castle from the old medieval stories, myths and legends. Inside there is a lot of history and all is shown well.

We arrived at the castle’s top car park and were lucky that we could park there as officially it was listed as full, somebody must have just left. Getting there was not easy; what a narrow bunch of streets in that old town! SO driving a manual on the wrong side (for us) of the road was doing incredibly well. Most certainly better than I would have done.

In the castle we were lucky a group of highland dancers were dancing away in the Queen Anne Garden. It was a lovely bonus to see these girls dancing. I was surprised by the rather modern almost fluorescent tartan skirts the girls were wearing, until I heard them talking. They were without a shred of a doubt American young girls. Most likely of Scottish heritage but American none the less.

My special part in the castle is the tapestry weaving that is going on. They are copying the medieval unicorn tapestries that now live in New York. Five are finished but they are still working on the last one and I saw it on the loom. What a magnificent project this is. Old techniques in dyeing and weaving combined with modern technology to make up the final tapestry of which only parts are known. I loved seeing it.

After the heavens opened and we got very wet we decided we had had enough castle for a day and went to the B&B. We arrived there with the help of the internet description on their webpage. SO’s satnav had not been fully updated. The system does did not work  until the update was completed. So you can’t turn off the update and continue driving. When we arrived at the B&B everything was dark in the house and nobody answered the door. Oops did something go wrong with our reservation? SO walked around the house and found another door which he knocked. Thankfully the landlady answered and it turned out that it was case of not hearing the bell ringing.

Our room was lovely and with the help of the landlady we found a nice place to eat. Haggis was served and we felt that we wanted to try it and  we like it!
We slept well that night.

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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