The road to Fort William

After another hearty breakfast and we were ready to hit the road. This morning we had company from a German couple over breakfast and strangely enough their backgrounds were very similar to ours so there was a click immediately. Though when the men started to talk in programming code we ladies put a stop to it.

We left our nice B&B behind and headed to the West Coast. A trip to Fort William is a trip through amazing scenery. At times it was reminiscent of New Zealand (despite the weather), but it was imposing at all times. The weather was OK for most of the time but we did have some showers. At about the halfway point we stopped for a coffee on the A85, sort of in between here and there. A small hotel with meals all day. We had trouble finding the door but when we did we were greeted by a lovely lady obviously in the midst of cleaning. As it turns out she was cleaning the oven, not her most favourite job and she welcomed the possibility of a chat. We talked about how we flatlanders had not managed Ben A’an, and she said “oh but then you took a nast steep one to try things out. Isn’t that right”, she shouted to her son, raising our hopes that we were not complete failures at hiking the highlands. “Nah” he said “that one is easy” crushing our hopes again. Oh well
Anyway she was lovely and after drinking tea and coffee, chatting and laughing for about half an hour we continued our trip through the rocky parts of Scotland.

Along the way we encountered a herd of cyclists of which the majority seemed to be a group as they were not carrying any luggage. They all had in common the looks of cold and wet because of the rain. As we rose into the high-highlands the atmosphere became more melancholic, In part due to all the clouds that were hanging low. Heather was blooming and there is a feel of mystique. At one stage I saw a farmhouse on a patch of green in the glen/moor type area. It was brown and dark purple and with the light so gloomy it seemed to lift the green patch up as if it was floating over the moor/glen. I can totally imagine people thinking that these were fata morgana or something magical. The weather and lights can certainly be deceiving.

Most of the afternoon was spent in a pub. SO felt it was time to veg out a bit. Also an important part of the holiday and we read our books and paper in the pub. I have to say it was a nice easy afternoon. After an Indian dinner we went to our B&B which is about 20 minutes outside of Fort William. The rooms do not have TV and Wifi is not the best, Things we knew upfront.

And somehow despite that we are children of luxury and opulence this place is wonderful in a different way. We have a large room – a tad old-fashioned but comfortable and with a really homely feel. The place also does wildlife tours and it is environmentally friendly run. It has a certain charm and reminds me a little of some youth hostels but certainly more upmarket than that. Just the charm of the communal room. We like it for a bit of rest, which we need.

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  2. I love the story about the landlady cleaning the oven 🙂

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