Harry Potter sprinkled some magic?

Worried we woke up the next morning and went into town. We were at the visitscotland office as one of the very first people and immediately asked for a place to stay on the Isle of Skye. SO and I had talked through some alternatives and had decided that worst case scenario would be to head east instead, but that we’d try to find a place first.

The young lady helping us was quick and to the point. We ended up in a B&B finding race with the people next to us and we won! Well we got a B&B booked. We had to adjust our standards. Instead of a double room it is twin room. We’ll live but you know it is weird being in separate beds. But beggars can’t be choosers you know that is just the long and the short of it. At least it is en-suite.

Now this worry had fallen off my shoulders – I was more worried than SO and he is the worrier – we got thinking of what to do next and we decided to head to Ben Nevis, or rather Glen Nevis. I mean Ben Nevis is really a tiny bit too big (huge) for us, though SO has certain aspiration I most certainly do not.
We walked the An Spout route which is at the end of the road (quite literally) and then you take the rocky path. This path is more rocky than Ben A’n but not steep and we found it fun to walk and sometimes climb. It is wet and you have to be careful where to put your feet but we loved walking there. At the end of the path there is a clearing where a valley opens up. A nice waterfall shows up and toward the waterfall there is a rope bridge. Two ropes for your hands one for your feet. SO and I did not completely cross it, but we did get on and tried it. It was dead scary but also exhilarating. For me the size of the things was a bit of an issue – I am too short so my arms had to spread to wide. From the bridge we walked on to the ruins and that was that for us. We went back the way we came. Now climbing down all those rocks we had climbed up first. Our legs were a little sore, not from exhaustion but because of the unusual movements we’d had to make over the rocks.

Then it was on to Skye. Just over three hours drive it was, but what a joy. Scotland was showing off why so many people love the highlands. The light changed the scenery, the heather was showing it’s purple best and it was magical. The formation of these highlands is not dissimilar from Fiordland in New Zealand. Where the Fiordland mountains glisten as the youngsters that they are with the mischief and sparkle that comes with youth, these older Scottish mountains show their maturity and pride themselves in the achievement of age. They seem good humoured until they are challenged then they show their will power. SO and I loved the drive. Once on Skye we could not get over the changes on every corner as the wond has such a different influence on every stone and boy does it blow that wind.

So far I am finding the Isle of Skye beautiful but it would be too remote for me to live there. For a holiday however it is perfect. Time stands still for a minute and the light is amazingly beautiful. We arrived at our B&B and were pleasantly surprised. Sure it is a twin, sure it is not in Portree, but it is nice, with views over a magnificent bay, very good wifi and a lovely lovely host, not to mention the friendly dog. Once we had sorted ourselves out we went for a walk to the nearest hotel 2km further down the road. I did have a cheesecake for desert after all that walking today I deserved it 🙂

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