Skye is the limit

Skye, everybody says you should go there and that it is beautiful. As we arrived yesterday we were not 100% convinced. In part of course due to our B&B search, but we decided to give the place a chance. And boy did the place grab that chance! We are completely converted.

First there is the B&B. So it is not perfect as it is a twin room, and the bathroom is cubicle size. But whatever it is missing in the big luxury stakes it makes up for it with heartwarming and true friendliness. Mary the landlady that offered and did our laundry and even ironed it. She is so sweet and it seems her relatives are very much involved in hospitality as we are due to find out.

First there was Dunvegan Castle  On our way there we were forst overtaken by  Ferrari, which looked totally out of place there. But there was more to follow. Not one, not two Ferrari, followed by two Porsches. We were a little taken aback. The island seems to be more suited to Land Rovers not sports cars and four of them? Weird.

But anyway Dunvegan Caslte is the home of the MacLeod clan. A wonderful place and still inhabited by the current chief. The man does have very nice views form his windows it must be said. That was followed by a walk in their magnificent gardens – or rather park. After the midgies had feasted enough on us (ignoring our insect repellant) we decided to find a place to eat. We found a wonderful little place. Jann’s cakes. All I can say is WOW. The food was beyond good for such as small outlet, it was blown away fantastic. We only had a sandwich and carrot cake we fell in love with the quality. Oh yes and they have strong nice coffee the type SO likes – he’s been putting up with a lot of black water instead of coffee this holiday sigh

From there we went toward Waternish and to Shilasdair my chosen trip of the day. And wow did I love it there. As it turns out the fun was also for SO as he found that he as in a spot where stargazing was very possible on a clear night and that it is a designated stargazing area. Anyway, he bonded with the yarn lady over that while I marvelled at the colours and the quality of the yarn. Of course I was going to buy some! I ended up with a beautiful skyblue 4 ply cashmere/merino/alpaca mix and a matching button. I also scooped up a wonderful piece of hand woven Harris Tweed which had come in that day from Harris Island. That stuff is the beesnees and pretty much to die for and I have enough for a skirt!

From there we went to the Trumpan area where a bloody battle or rather trap happened  But it is also a  viewing point where you can see the Outer Hebrides islands of Harris and the Uists. We had a stroll around and just fell in love with the views to an extend that we decided we need to come to Skye again one day, but then longer. See there is a wonderful walk from that point at Trumpan but the 11 miles were too much to go unprepared and it was too late to start but we really liked the idea.

From there we stayd in the Stein Inn for an hour or so and relaxed our muscles still being sore after yesterdays walks. Dinner was at the Old School Restaurant in Dunvegan and we loved it. Sure it was a little more upmarket and expensive but boy what good food.
All in all as we said a magical great day and we too are Skye converts

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7 Responses to Skye is the limit

  1. I’ve been to the Old School Restaurant – it’s wonderful. Having seen the smile on your face as you spoke about your Harris Tweed purchase I can’t wait to see the finished skirt.

    • Gilraen says:

      As luck would have it; there was a BurdaStyle waiting for me when I got home, with exactly the skirt I had in mind. I picked up the machines today from their cleaning and check up, so I can get started.

  2. miekje says:

    I am jealous of your Shilasdair visit and purchase!

    • Gilraen says:

      Skye is an achievable holiday destination for you too. Invite all the family to a large home there. I think your sister and mother will also be charmed by the island.

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