Inverness’ real treasure

SO was commenting today that all days so far have been very different but all of the have been interesting and brought new things. As he said he knew nothing much about Scotland until a week ago, but now he does he likes it a whole lot. A good thing to see happening.

We had an Inverness day as we did so much yesterday and took it easy. We saw a friendly, pretty and open Cathedral, and then an organ started playing. The church was immediately full with life and though it was clearly somebody practicing it brought a smile to our faces.

We then walked into the rainy weather in the main street and found the main shoppping centre where SO again whent perfectly greedy in the M&S foodhall (he wants to move them across to our side of the ditch) and where we had a coffee. The Victorian Market, full of small places and interesing little shops but nothing we wanted to buy but still it is nice to see.

After lunch we wated to go on the free guided tour, however this was not to be as it was cancelled in the afternoon that day. We suspect because of the weather, which by the way was clearing. So instead we ended up in the Museum and art gallery. Things like this can be very disappointing but also a great hit. This one in Inverness was a hit! We loved the place. Sure it was everything in a short period of time, but well done. There are things you can do as well as just read. For instance a wooden beaker where you can take the shards from and reassemble, a game we played and even a leaflet with recipes from the middle ages We had so much fun there. But the best fun when I got SO dressed up in a traditional Scottish plaid kilt with beret. He looked ever so fearsome and Scottish. We had some time to kill before we were having dinner at the Rocpool and went to the highland house of Faser, andthe rest of the time we ere in the pub and read.

But really the best part of the day was the evening. Earlier in the week I had made contact with Jacqueline (maturestudentshanginginthere), one of my blogging buddies who lives in Inverness. We had agreed to meet up and as the day grew closer both of us got more excited about it all. We met up in a pub not far from their place and also by coincidence not far from our B&B. We’d told each other what were we wearing and there was instant recognition when she walked in. It was fun to meet somebody that you know a lot of through the blogs, yet at the same time you don’t really know. Thankfully the men too hit it off. Specifically when Madness (the band) was a topic I found myself at a table with fans :-). It is clear that both Jacqueline and Peter have a great love for the highlands and were so happy that SO and I liked it too. They invited us over to their house and we kept chatting. She really is just as nice as she seems to be on her blog. They are due to start some major building works and we have seen what it is going to be like. Huge plans but stunning once finished. We chatted for hours and it was 23.30-ish when we said our goodbyes to our hosts. We could have chatted all night I think, but we were conscious that Jacqueline was due at work the next morning again.

We went to sleep with smiles on our faces. So far Scotland has delivered on eveything it promised in the brochures and even a little more than that.

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4 Responses to Inverness’ real treasure

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  2. I’m so pleased Peter and I were able to add a wee bit of something to your trip to Inverness. It was so lovely to meet and to chat. It was great hearing all your stories about your trip so far and it was especially nice to welcome you into our home. I thought I would send this to both of you – oh and if you are ever in Scotland you know where we are.

    OK I hope you’re dancing now..

    • Gilraen says:

      Can you imagine SO’s face when I started playing this loudly? Yes he was dancing and cheering. I was giggling like mad, because of the memories and my happy SO. 🙂 Thanks for this!

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