Scone at Scone

When we told our landlady that we wished to go on a bit of a hike/walk today she pulled out a sheet from walks in Britain and made us a copy of a walk to Kinnoull Tower Hill. A hill with folly overlooking Perth. She said it was not too steep and showed us on the map where we could enter the area.

So as it was a nice crisp morning we left and were there around 10 am for the walk. What started out as an old fashioned walk up a hill to see the views from a paper description quickly changed when we found that we had entered geocache central and with good 3G connectivity we basically added a walk the cache to the walk. Plus we found that there were many wooden sculptures there on the trail. We suspect a connection but it is most certainly not 100%. Note; the pictures do contain our geocache trail – if you want to go and find it, do not look at it 🙂

It also turned out that we were not the first people to find this goecaching pathway. Several caches wer also signed on the same day by another team. In the end we searched and found 4 caches a new daily record, but after that we were cold and wet and had had enough. Yep by that stage the crisp morning had turned into a wet afternoon. Oh btw the views too were amazing.

SO’s good deed of the day – He needed a stick to poke around for the Geo caches and found a nice stick. When we were close to the car park a dog (Footrot Flats type)  came over to SO and made clear he very much liked the stick and could SO please please please please please throw it. The lady accompanying the dog stated ‘Oh he loves sticks’ so SO threw it and the dog grabbed it. The last we saw of the stick was it sticking out of the dogs mouth on both sides and a wagging tail at the other end of the dog.

From there we went to have Scones at Scone. Scone being Scone Palace where the Earl of Mansfield resides. Oh yes it is a Palace  and a speldid one to boot. Again plenty of guides that gave us additional information after just asking a few questions.  We had a spledid time and indoors too! Once we were ready it was going on 17.00 and we walked through the gardens and found an archway that had been demolished as recently as 2010 . We also walked the maz.e Which is wonderful and entertaining. A maze (labyrith) is always good fun at any age and we just laughed and found the right way to the centre.

A quick meal in town and then back to the B&B Again a splendid day and we are not ready yet. So many plans yet to get through. I could get used to this holiday thing 🙂

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