Some things require further investigation and Heathergems was one of them. All over Scotland we found pieces of this jewellery made out of heather stems crushed to blocks. But never did we find that piece of jewellery that SO wanted to give me for my birthday.

Then we spotted the factory and factory shop. They are in Pitlochry not that far from Perth So we decided to go there today. The factory was not in full swing as it was Sunday of course but we could seen te process and also we had a good wander around in the shop and there I did find the earrings that I wanted. Set in silver with two red heathergems. I found a matching necklace and a broche that though not totally the same style has the same colour and size of stones so it does come across as a set. SO liked it enough to give it to me as a present 🙂

As it was a wonderful sunny day we decided to go for a walk to Edradour Scotlands smallest distillery. Almost exactly like it was about 200 years ago. And the walk? I mean a nice day like this we could not let go to waste now could we? It seemed like a splendid idea to walk there. It seemed a short walk. Truth be told it was not that far, just not what we expected. The paths were tiny nearly not there. One stretch was full of nettles and at the end of that stretch we found there had been an easier option through the field. We found out when we re-examined the trackboard which I had photographed (it realy helps if you are not sure of the way) after my idea back in Inverness.

Then we had a stretch that kept going up and up and up. Not steep just steady up and my calves nearly decided to go into cramp mode. It was not helped by the fact that the path was about 20 cm wide and muddy and slippery as anything. But I survived and we did reach the road and found the distillery quickly.

We had a lovely tour there. It is fun as you get to keep your toasting glass and it is really really a small place. Unlike Tallisker everything is on different buildings and the actual process is really close together. You could see a real entrepeneur at work. He had come up with spiffy packaging (in coloured cases) and just made it work. It really reminded me of a boss I once or actually twice had who’d come up with these things that just work with people.

In the tasting bar SO tried another whisky and I had a cup of tea. Sure pricey tea but you get to keep the cup with the Edradour printed on there as a souvenir. We had a great tie, but then we had to walk back. Thankfully the way back had better paths than in so we did walk it the right way around. Our full walk ended up being lose to 8km (GPS measured)

In the evening we had dinner at Bothy a well known local pub/restaurant with a funny lay out. Splendid food there and the price/quality profile was really awesome. And I finally had my sticky toffee pudding. For SO it was the first time he tried it and he loved it too.
Another great day came to an end.
Next up Edinburgh

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