Artful end

We are a bit touristed out. Somehow today we just did not feel like doing many touristy stuff. In part because you start thinking about the stuff you have to take home and what you need to do in order to travel back.

Nevertheless we are still tourists. We bought SO some kilt socks. They are, apart from a great souvenir, great for winter when it is really really cold. Next stop was the gallery again. This time to see the exhibition van Gogh to Kaninsky landscapes from 1880-1910. We had like the free admission parts yesterday so deciced it was going to be worth the money.

The exhibition was nice and well done. Lot of information and a myriad of ways to take it in, so everybody had something they could enjoy. Some of the paintings (Specifically a Whistler) were can we take it home material. Others we thought were soso at best.
Though both van Gogh and Kandinsky were represtended we did think the title should have been reversed as with two van Gogh and two Kandinsky (but also three Mondrian) the title did not fully cover what the exhibition was about.

After lunch we then wanted to go the the Modern art gallery with the free shuttle bus, which turned out to be stuck in ints garage being kaput. So we walked as it was an OK day.No rain, occasional sunshine and well walking is nice, but not the gallery. I hate to say it but the Scottish gallery of modern art was disappointing. The free admission parts were in the number one building OKish, but few. A hepworth I really liked and some Warhol etc. But could be viewed in 10 minutes flat. Building two was even less to our taste. It was depressing as it focused on German and Czech art around WWII. Black, bleak and fatalistic, not our thing at all. There was of course more in the buildings. In fact there was a Much exhibition and one by Picasso, but we really did not feel like shelling out another 15 pounds after the free admission was so disappointing. I guess they forget that for a lot of tourists the free admission part is that what pulls in and is what entices us to pay for the specials.

We then walked to our car and picked it up. It was parked in a parking free zone away from our B&B. But now it is back as it is free parking after 17.30 to 8.30 and there is no way we can avoid the fee for loading up the car for tomorrow.

Tonight we are off to the last bit of our expedition The Kitchin

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3 Responses to Artful end

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  2. I agree with you. The Modern Art Gallery is disappointing. I presume this is the Edinburgh Gallery. The one in Glasgow is far better.

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